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DRAFT development of HL7-localized definition of "Program Management"

Working Definition:

Documenting and reporting on activities of multiple projects that, together, constitute an HL7 ‘Program’. Projects, in industry terms, tend to be of fixed scope with some tangible outputs within a well defined time frame. By comparison, a program can be viewed as a portfolio of multiple projects to be coordinated in unison in order to achieve a broader set of objectives and realize specific organization-wide outcomes and benefits (often intangible). HL7 Program Management is intended to provide oversight, and make visible to the organization the plans, interdependencies, critical path, and progress of the various projects in the Program portfolio, as well as issues when these arise. Program management would work with the in-scope projects to help surface dependencies and key milestones to populate and subsequently maintain (based on project input) the overall program dashboard
  • A 'Program' objective is to provide transparency to the activities of various projects that are targeted with the resolution of key intra-organizational issues

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