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Product Brief - Therapeutic Devices Domain

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Product Name - HL7 V3:Implantable Device Cardiac - Follow-up Device Summary, Release 1


  • Implantable Cardiac Device

Standard Category

  • Health Information Exchange Standards

Integration Paradigm

  • Messaging


Normative, ANSI Standard


  • ANSI/HL7 V3 IDC, R1-2006;
  • ANSI/HL7 V3 IDC, R2-2007: Implantable Device Cardiac - Follow up summary R2


The therapeutic devices domain comprises the models, messages, and other artifacts that are needed to support messaging related to therapy delivery and observations made by a medical device.

Currently, the scope has been focused only on implantable cardiac devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, etc.).

This message is related to the follow-up of an Implantable Cardiac Device (pacemaker, defibrillator, etc.) that will contain a subset of device observations, current device therapy settings and device diagnostic information.


In simple terms, we have a message model for describing an Observation of an interrogator at a physical location who is performing an interrogation of a therapeutic medical device (bound to a patient) using identifiable interrogation equipment.

Business Case (Intended Use, Customers)

To enable a standardized device report format to be used across the (Implantable Device Cardiac) IDC sector.
Users: IDC industry and cardiologists/cardiac technicians.


Enables a standardized device report format to be used across the IDC sector, thereby improving access to care by patients, and business opportunites to the IDC industry and cardiologists/cardiac technicians.

Implementations/ Case Studies (Actual Users)

IHE Connectathon 2010


Work Groups


Relationship to/ Dependencies on, other standards

Uses IEEE 11073-10103 standardised IDC terminology

Links to current projects in development

  • none