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Product Brief: Healthcare, Community Services & Provider Directory (SPDIR SFM)

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Product Name

HL7 Version 3 Standard: Healthcare,Community Services and Provider Directory, Release 1 (SPDIR),
also informally referred to as Human Services Directory or HSD


Standard Category

Application Functional Specifications - Services (SOA)

Integration Paradigm



Normative, ANSI Standard


  • HL7 V3 SOA, R1- passed normative ballot Sep 2009, publication anticipated in January 2010.

ANSI/HL7 V3 SPDIR, R1-2010


The purpose of an HL7 SFM is to identify and document the functional requirements pertaining to the identification and location of "business-services" important to healthcare. It specifies a means to conduct the discovery of appropriate real-world services (such as health specialty providers, laboratories, and inclusive of non-health services as well), and provides mechanisms to access rudimentary resource management, such as scheduling. Accordingly, this particular SFM seeks to define the functional requirements of a Healthcare, Community Services, and Provider Directory Service (Referred to from here on as Human Services Directory or HSD). As part of the Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP) it enables the specification of a directory service that supports a number activities including Credentialing, Scheduling, Authentication, Referral and Wait List Management.


Specify core functionality of a Services & Provider Directory that not only supports semantic interoperability, but also valuable business initiatives such as Wait List Management.

Business Case (Intended Use, Customers)

  • To provide for the identification and location of pertinent health and community services
  • To provide support for activities such as referral management
  • To provide access to rudimentary resource management capabilities (such as calendaring/schedule management)
  • Healthcare and Community Services,
  • Emergency Services


Many people see a Services Directory as the answer to many issues, however in particular to effectively support Referral, scheduling and wait list management. It is important to note uses, content and purposes of a Services Directory vs a Provider Directory are somewhat different. The scope of this project also goes beyond just Healthcare.

Implementations/ Case Studies (Actual Users)


Work Groups


Relationship to/ Dependencies on, other standards

  • Identity Cross-Reference Service Functional Model (IXS)
  • Retrieve, Locate, Update Service Functional Model (RLUS SFM)
  • OMG Entity Identification Service (EIS) Technical Specification
  • OMG Retrieve Locate Update Service (RLUS) Technical Specification

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