Procedures for Datatypes R2 changes and associated RIM changes

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This issue comes out of a Datatypes R2 proposal. There is a proposal to create a new datatype, and change some RIM attributes to use the new attribute. The proposal is Datatypes R2 Issue 57

The problem is when the change should be made


The datatype doesn't really exist until datatypes R2 passes normative ballot. Can we pre-adopt the datatype in the RIM, like we did for R1? If we do this, do we start issuing a schema that preadopts R2 changes? Would implementors be confused by this?

Lloyd: Adding it to the RIM doesn't break anything. If committees choose to pre-adopt, then they can't become normative until the datatypes become normative. I think that's a reasonable path

Grahame: I'm not so sure about that last bit: if a committee has a model that says an attribute has type X, and the RIM changes to type Y, in which X is not a valid substitution for Y, does the committee have any choice but to change with the RIM?

Lloyd: I don't think that's the case here. SCT constrains to SC which constrains to ST, and STT constrains to ST, so introducing them won't mess up anyone currently using SC or ST.


2007-07-06: Preference is to wait to make the RIM changes until R2 passes membership unless a committee comes forward with an urgent requirement to pre-adopt a specific R2 changes, at which time the proposal will be considered on its merit at harmonization. Motion: Lee, Mead 4-0-0