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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Questions

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ID Package Topic Question Answer Status
1 Top Pressure Ulcer should be an assessment item, not a target of an assessment yes Closed
2 Top Pressure Ulcer Do we need size? No requests for size Closed
3 Top Assessment needs a performer. What attributes? Role, credentials, name? Closed
4 Top Assessment needs an attestor. What attributes? Role, credentials, name? Closed
5 Top Assessment Item Might items be completed by different people? Yes; see Observation Metadata package Closed
6 Top Relevant lab remove yes Closed
7 Top Risk Factor remove yes Closed
8 Top Clinical Judgement attach to assessment; not an item Closed
9 Skin Inspection Skin Inspection need description drafted; for review in session Closed
10 Skin Inspection Skin Inspection does not need site true Closed
11 Skin Inspection Temperature measured, or subjective? surface, subjective Closed
12 Skin Inspection Terms A Temperature value is tagged 'normal' in metadata; does it need that tag in the interface term? Closed
13 Skin Inspection Color How stable are the values? We assume stable; assess in ballot Closed
14 Medical Condition Medical Condition how many questions are there--one, with a hierarchy of answers, or several? One Closed
15 Medical Condition Medical Condition Are these values from the chart? Information Source now modeled as Observation Metadata Closed
16 Medical Condition Medical Condition What is the 'patient-reported active indicator'? Confirmation by the patient that the charted condition is current? was intended as a link to assessment; out of scope. Delete Closed
17 Medical Condition History of mental illness Aren't these all histories? Is this different? 'hx' removed Closed
18 Medical Condition Diabetes what information is needed? presence Closed
19 Medical Condition Terms missing vascular diseases - NC added general term Closed
20 Instrument FDA age group remove yes Closed
21 Instrument age We'll associate this with the patient, not the instrument Closed
22 Instrument age Two age properties: should be one Closed
23 Instrument braden scale use constraints on the class for age Closed
24 Instrument braden scale data type: coded ordinal? Closed
25 Adherence Adherence Is the plan discrete, or can you adhere to part of it? We need adherence to parts 2/23 Closed
26 Adherence Adherence Is this to be evaluated for each actor, or is one adherence value, with the most important actor, sufficient? Actors seem to muddy the water: remove. If a family member is the source of information, that's recorded in Observation Metadata. 2/23 Closed
27 Adherence Terms Does 'provider' mean 'provider who is not a nurse or home caregiver? What's an SO? Does 'family/caregiver/so' mean any non-provider, or anyone in the home? Moot, per above direction. Closed
28 Adherence Terms These are not specific enough. Where there are specific terms, there are overlap problems with more general terms. 2/23 drafted Closed
29 Device Device how many questions are there--one, with a hierarchy of answers, or several? one Closed
30 Device Body Structure should cardinality be 1:* drafted closed
31 Device Body Structure This should be a class, not an object Closed
32 Device Terms Does Drain Device need classification left unspecified closed
33 Device Terms Change "Peg" to something more general -- G-tube or J-tube included all 3 closed
34 Nutrition Weight Make weight a quantity Closed
35 Nutrition Terms Hydration Status not clear We need 'hydrated' and 'not'; or perhaps mild & severe dehydration closed
36 Nutrition Terms Hydration Factor not clear Propose removal closed
37 Nutrition Terms "Excessive Boniness" seems unusual removed closed
38 Nutrition Weight Why do we need a subjective weight estimation? left in pending feedback closed
39 Nutrition Management BMI BMI is not that useful although I agree it should be collected. What is more useful is weight trend - history of loss/gain in past 30, 90 and 180 days. - NC added trend value class Closed
40 Medication Medication We have the medication name: that should be classified; then classifications won't be necessary further down Agreed 2/23 closed
41 Medication Impact Impact would then be just the impact, not the causative agent True, though a med may have multiple impacts Closed
42 Medication Impact Is impact observed or inferred? If we see a sedative on the list, do we also indicate that we observe AMSP, or is that assumed? Record the med. The class and impact risk can be inferred from rules; no observation is necessary Closed
43 Medication Terms Make sure we have the latest list. Also run by HL7 Pharmacy group Solicit in ballot Closed
44 Intervention Event Indicator What is this? Delete Closed
45 Intervention Event Actor Does the actor need a name, credential, etc, or just a role? Try modeling on Observation Metadata pattern Closed
46 Intervention Event Consult What it the purpose of the Consult? Is this another type of actor, or a reference to advice? A type of intervention; move to intervention hierarchy Closed
47 Intervention Event Terms What it the purpose of the Consult hierarchy? Is there one question or two? Remodeled as separate act Closed
48 Intervention Event Interaction It seems an event may have more than one interaction; if so, the 1:1 cardinality won't work here. Perhaps Type and Status belong on the Intervention, while the interaction and actor belong on the Event. Remodeled Closed
49 Intervention Event Terms Is there a 'cancelled' status? Need to harmonize states with Event types; see state chart Closed
50 Education Education Might this need fuller information, e.g., narrative? not unless requested closed
51 Education Terms How volatile is Method? These values are examples, not a recommendation for a standard. Use stereotype. Closed
52 Pressure Redistribution Terms Should Angle be a quantity? Yes Closed
53 Pressure Redistribution Terms Should Frequency be a quantity? Yes Closed
54 Pressure Redistribution Device Are these devices to avoid? yes Closed
55 Pressure Redistribution Avoid Most of this package is a taxonomy of intervention types; this is a record of a patient-specific property, which will need to be retained across multiple instances of the repositioning intervention. Should it be associated with the patient? Yes Closed
56 Pressure Redistribution Terms What is the intervention for 'Surface' -- 'changed support surface'? yes Closed
57 Pressure Redistribution Turning I'd expect Turning to be a specialization of Positioning, lateral positioning to be another specialization, and not a property of the parent. incorrect: see new model Closed
58 Pressure Redistribution Terms Clarify Position: presumably, 'right' means "on the patient's right side," not "rotated 90 degrees to the right." ok Closed
79 Pressure Redistribution Model Add HOB Closed
80 Pressure Redistribution Model "position" is site-specific: add 'body structure of concern' to the model ok Closed
59 Support Surface Product This would be more useful if we also had the age of the device Added Closed
60 Support Surface Bed Is this relevant? No Closed
61 Support Surface Force Do we measure magnitude, or coefficient of friction? How? No Closed
62 Support Surface Force Is the surface subjected to a force, or does the surface exert a force on the patient? Moot Closed
63 Support Surface Force Specializations: how does this hierarchy help? Ditto for children of Surface. Moot; deleted Closed
64 Skin Protection Barrier The barrier is not a type of intervention; it's used in an intervention renamed Closed
65 Skin Protection HOB Seems like this should be a quantity (degrees) rather than Boolean. If the Positioning class needs a "positions to avoid" view, does this need a "HOB for other clinical reasons" view? remodeled Closed
66 Skin Protection Aid, alignment Is this a record of a specific transfer (not really part of a plan) or an indication that this transfer aid is to be used in future transfers? yes Closed
67 Skin Protection Dryness prevention include barrier substance, e.g. vaseline? No; that would be a barrier Closed
68 Moisture Management Draining wound should be 'wound drainage management'? yes Closed
69 Moisture Management Weeping Edema A problem, not an interventions Renamed Closed
70 Moisture Management barrier should be "use of . . ." OK Closed
71 Moisture Management MLUP need more detail in term definition remodeled Closed
72 Moisture Management Containment under Urine Containment Device Type it lists colostomy. That should be urostomy. Colostomy would be under Fecal Containment. -NC Moved Closed
73 Moisture Management Draining wound type these look like devices, not wound types true Closed
74 Nutrition Management Intake Type is both enumerated and subclassed: redundant removed classes Closed
75 Nutrition Management Intake, test, weight These look like observations rather than interventions. Should they be goals? If so, should they include cc's or calories? both Closed
76 Nutrition Management meal assistance Unclear. Assistance to be provided? Are more details needed (kind of assistance)? boolean Closed
77 Nutrition Management Supplements Under Nutrition Management it is talking about supplements. It is unclear whether this is referring to a medical nutrition supplement such as Ensure or a supplement such as vitamin C, which is often given for wound healing. Under Nutrition Intake Type it lists supplement again but here I was sure we were talking about the Ensures and such until I looked at the enumeration box which contains both protein drinks and vitamins. I don't think protein drink is the right word for an Ensure and I think it is very confusing to mix both of these types of supplements under the same word. One is medical nutritional supplements ( choices can be high protein, high calorie, glucose control, meal replacement, etc.) and the other is vitamin and minerals (choices are multi vitamin, vit C, zinc, vit A, vit E, etc. )- NC Remodeled generally as something consumed Closed
78 Nutrition Management Frequencey Under Nutrition Intake Frequency - seems like it is missing the oral route - need to add regular meals or something for the people eating regularly. -NC added Closed
79 Skin Protection equipment Is the distinction between automated and manual significant? Open
80 Moisture Management Holistic kind Are these surface types appropriate for moisture management? Open
81 Nutrition Management all How do we draw a boundary between pressure ulcer management and this complex domain? Open
82 Medication use all How do we capture effect? Is potential effect necessary, if any actual effect will be captured elsewhere? Open
83 Medication use all need approach for classifying therapeutic effect (or all effects) Open
84 Medication use / condition all Surgery was mentioned as a risk factor, neither drug nor condition. Do we need to add it? Open