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Pressure Ulcer Prevention 20110913

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HL7 project team meeting, 13 September, 2011, 1:45 pm PT

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Patty Greim Jay Lyle y
Ioana Singureanu John Carter
Catherine Hoang Moon-Hee Lee
Mimi Haberfeld Donna DuLong
Charlie Selhorst Sherri Simons
You-Ying Whipple Holly Miller
Walter Suarez Susan Matney y
Peter Hendler Andre Boudreau
June Rondinelli Eva Cruel
Sarah Maulden Deborah Francis
Mona Baharestani Kevin Coonan y

During WGM at PC meeting

Also attending: Stephen Chu, William Goossen, Hugh Leslie, xxx, Kai


  1. Agenda check
  2. Reconciliation


  • Reviewed sample of resolved comments
  • Approved working group recommendations (156 items)
  • Completed final 7 comments

Action Items

ID Item Who Due Status Notes
14 Determine next steps Team 4/18 Closed Use SME review to confirm model; use HL7 ballot process.
10 Identify clinical experts we want to review the ballot Team 4/18 closed


ID Issue Recorded Status Notes
3 Requirements approach 4/25 IP Determine level of detail, traceability needs, approach.
2 No official HL7 project sponsor 1/10 Closed See action item 3, in process (1/12)

PC probably; needs meeting to confirm (1/19); approved 2/9

1 Model boundaries unclear 1/10 Closed See action item 2, to be confirmed (1/12)

Clarified in meeting (1/19)