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Pressure Ulcer Prevention 20110328

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HL7 project team meeting, 28 March, 2011, 3:00 PM ET


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Patty Greim Jay Lyle
Ioana Singureanu John Carter
Catherine Hoang Moon-Hee Lee
Mimi Haberfeld Donna DuLong
Charlie Selhorst Sherri Simons
You-Ying Whipple Holly Miller
Walter Suarez Susan Matney
Elaine Ayres Nancy Collins
Peter Hendler


  1. Agenda check
  2. Lessons learned
  3. Next steps
    1. Continue to refine model (based on . . . ?)
    2. Continue to refine vocabularies based on LOINC subcommittee input
    3. Refine metamodel--especially approach to vocabulary representation
    4. Begin constraining model to the HL7 RIM in order to support document generation (understanding that there may be rework necessary after the ballot reconciliation)
    5. Review of documents we think will define the document we want to create (MDS, etc.)
    6. Work with Care Plan team to define mutual model boundaries
    7. Identify Detailed Clinical Model candidates (in collaboration with Patient Care)


We will not meet on 4 April; the 11 April meeting will be pushed back to a point later in the week TBD.

Lessons Learned

  • Struggles with technology (webex, phones)
    • Establish a single link and put it on the wiki
  • Lost some information in translation
    • Keep SMEs engaged; don't assume artifacts (e.g., Mind Map, UML) translate cleanly
    • Use UML from the beginning, to avoid need to translate? (Difficult: advantage of Mind Map is speed.)
  • UML is not intuitive
    • Include some training; a primer, time allocated in meetings
  • DAM fails to represent requirements in the fullness and immediacy with which they are communicated
    • Adopt a textual 'source' document?
    • Embed full use cases and scenarios into the UML?
  • Getting subject matter expert time is hard
    • This is one reason why the project initially took so long
    • Would focusing on one SME at a time change that?
  • Could use more complete clinical detail
    • Keep SMEs engaged; perhaps use tasks rather than relying on courtesy for busy experts

Next Steps

These will depend on feedback from the KP-VA collaborative, expected later this week.

Action Items

ID Item Who Due Status Notes
14 Determine next steps Team 418 Open
10 Identify clinical experts we want to review the ballot Team 2/14 IP


ID Issue Recorded Status Notes
2 No official HL7 project sponsor 1/10 Closed See action item 3, in process (1/12)

PC probably; needs meeting to confirm (1/19); approved 2/9

1 Model boundaries unclear 1/10 Closed See action item 2, to be confirmed (1/12)

Clarified in meeting (1/19)