Pharmacy WG use of Subversion

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Use the following paths to access the repositories - clicking them here may allow you to browse the folders but is not the way to use SVN. Windows users may use Tortoise as a suitable client.

Documents include Action Item List, WG Attendee Master List ...

POME - contains old SVN repository contents

PORX - contains ballot material - both currently under ballot (sub folder Balloting) and also normative (sub folder Normative)

Working Practice

  • SVN locks the doc when it is checked-out, that means only one editor at a time may check-out and edit the doc.
  • check-out and edit not longer than one or two working days
  • check the document back in as soon as you are done editing
  • as usual, track your changes in the Word document to make them visible to others
  • send a note to the lists when you have made substantial changes
  • anyone may request a tcon whenever there is a need to find consensus


To gain access you must register as a GForge user on the GForge main page. This is not an instant process, but quite soon you should get access granted by the administrator (Currently March 2012 this is Lynn Lasko)