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POME RM020070

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This page documents Known issues, Change Requests, Planned Changes and Actual Change History for the RMIM or DMIM specified. Changes between current and previously balloted versions are held on the actual visio.

The latest version of the visio that is held on subversion is accessible here

Change History

v 13.1.0 - 20 Jan 2005

1) Added name to Access point

2) Revised sourceOf2n to GOAL now correct vocab is avaialbe

v 13.2.0 - 16 March Jan 2005

1) Corrected selected medication CMET

2) Revised data types to remove non standard “flavours”

v 13.3.0 - 13 Sept 2006

1) Renumbered from 034002 to 020070

2) Renamed from Medication Dispense Lite to Medication Dispense

v 13.3.1 - 18 nov 2006

1) add Record Target

2) Added author to PriorRequest

3) ID on Main Suppy and PriorMedReq changed to be 1..1 required

4) id on CombMedRequ left as 0..1

5) Added Author to CombMedReq(with multiple AuhorIDs)

6) SubstPerm changed to Subst

7) Added Agent as RepParty with Agent id as set[iI] to SubstEvent. Constrain id to patient id, prescriber id or dispenser id (Why is this off the header?)

8) Added SupportClinInfor to CombMedRequ

9) Confidentiality code, text, statusCode. Also removed code. added to focal act

10) Added destination ServiceDeliveryLocation to (supply or header)

11) Used a CMET with Author on annotations and use in place of all annotations

12) Added annotation to header (and keep on components)

13) Added responsibleParty

14) Changed use of time on participations and drop it from performer

15) Status chnaged to be normal constrained to active or completed on Supply detail only

16) Added Act ref to Supply event, make the act relation succeed

17) Moved recursive relations on header to bottom of bax and make it component. Constrain to only one iteration

18) Removed component on supply event

v13.3.2 - 1 May 2007

1) Made id on SupplyEvent optional

v13.3.3 - 17 Sept 2007

1) Changed AssignedPerson to AssignedEntity