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POME RM010100

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This page documents Known issues, Change Requests, Planned Changes and Actual Change History for the RMIM or DMIM specified. Changes between current and previously balloted versions are held on the actual visio.

The latest version of the visio that is held on subversion is accessible here

Pharmacy Home Page

Known issues

ID Started by Description
======= ======================= ======================================
1 N Ewon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Change Requests

ID Started by Description
======= ======================= ======================================
1 N Ewon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Planned Changes

ID Started by Description
======= ======================= ======================================
1 N Ewon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Change History

v 1.3.0 - 10 Mar 2006

  • ManufacturedMaterial2.code: changed x_Medicine,
  • Loosened cardinalities
  • Removed MaxLen constraints
  • Renamed acts to match DMIM i.e:
    • ManufacturedMaterial To Medicine
    • ManufacturedMaterialKind to Ingredient
    • ManufacturedMaterial2 to MedicineClass
    • ContainerKind toPackagedMedicine
    • DrugChraracteristicEvent to Characteristic

v 1.3.2 - 25 Jul 2006

  • Removed DrugStrengthDescriptionObservationEvent3
  • Removed all Canadian-link for sorting: A, B, …

v1.4.1 - 1 March 2008

  • Changed RoleClassCode of Medication from MED to ADMM
  • Changed Characteristic.code to use MedicationObservationType in place of FDALabelData
  • Replaced FinancialTransactionDefinition with A_Pricing CMET
  • Relaxed vocabulary for PackagedMedicine.code form CompliancePackageEntityType to ContainerEntityType
  • Relaxed vocabulary for PackagedMedicine.code from MedicationCap to ContainerCap
  • Corrrected data type for Content.quantity from PQ to RTO

v1.4.2 - 04 March 2008

  • Corrected artifact ID for A_Pricing CMET

v1.5.0 - 15 November 2010

  • Added Acts for Route and Indication
  • Added Entity for Manufacturer Name