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This page documents proposed and actual changes to the Medication DMIM. Changes between current and previously balloted versions are held on the actual visio. The latest version of the visio that is held on subversion is accessible here

To Do


1) Add into appropriate domain (may already have been approved at harmonisation) SubstanceAdministrationMethod

CountryCode (in Country)

ContainerEntityType (in PackagedMedicine)

RegulatiuonPolicyActCode (in Policy)

ActMedicineapproval (in approoval)

2) Add domain descriptions for:

RouteOfAdministration - afms should fix this

MedicationObservationType (in Characteristic)

3) Find better vocab domains for

AdministrationGuideline.code : ActCode

Release 1:

5) Make sure use of SET<CD> is correct

6) MedicationObservationType in Characteristic appears to have incorrect definitions in RoseTree

7) Decide if DeterminerKind should now be set to KIND (if so add an instance model to Release 2)

8) Review all vocabulary types for Codes

Release 2:

1) Look at changing name data type and cardinality to allow structured names

2) Add an EQUIV role that allows meronomy relations for medicines and substances

3) Add to ingredient modeling to allow active and inactive ingredients and recognition of base and salt amounts.

Change History

v 1.4.1 - 25 Jul 2006

1) Aligned DMIM with RMIMs, so that the DMIM becomes a full superset of the POME RMIMs

San Antonio - 8 May 2006

1) Renamed Super/SubContent to Content(consistency with SPL & names were confusing)

2) Renamed MedicinePart to Part

3) Renamed SomeRole to Role

4) Associated Characteristic class with Part

5) Associated shadow thereof with Medication

6) Associated shadows of Approval, Policy and Characteristic with ManufacturedProduct

v 1.4.2 - 11 Sept 2006

1) Removed Characteristic and Policy acts associated with Medication (left shadows in place, and MonitoringProgram directly associated with Medication)

2) Renamed vocab in Characteristic to MedicationObservationType

3) Changed Policy to be Act/Def rather than Obs/Def

4) Changed note on Packaged medication from “This is the pack in which the medication is supplied to the patient” to “This is the pack in which the medicine is contained”

26 Oct 2006

1) Added relevant attributes to AdministrativeGuideline

v1.4.3 - 2 May 2007

1) Renamed A_Indication CMET from PORX_980050 to COCT_980050

v1.4.4 - 19 Sept 2007

1) Revised some notes

2) Swapped player and scoper roles for country and agency off approval.

V1.4.5 - 15-18 Jan 2008

1) Moved observation goal to hang of Medication directly rather than via the shadow. Removed the shadow.

2) Removed independantIndicator from AdministrationGuideline

3) Merged all AssignedEntity and Organisation instances on left of model

4) Changed the CMET ID for A_Indication(basic)

5) Dropped doseCheckQuantity from SubstanceAdministration

6) Made negationIndicator in ObservationEventCriterion mandatory and default of FALSE

7) Removed FinancialTransactionDefinition

8) Replaced InvoiceElement with a Pricing CMET

9) Fixed MedicineClass.DeterminerCode to KIND

10) Changed link from SpecialisedKind to MedicineClass to be optional 0..1

11) In SpecilisedKind code is not mandatory and changed the vocab domain to MedicationGeneralisationRoleType

12) Made participation to ObservationGoal be 0..* rather than 1..*

13) On SubstanceAdministration corrected data type for siteCode to 0..* SET<CD> (not 0..1)

14) ObservationSubstanceAdminPreconditionType does not exist - replaced with domain PatientCharacteristicObservationType.

v1.4.6 - 01 March 2008

1) Added entry point for Medication Lookup Response

2) Changed Substance code from 1..1 to 0..1

3) Changed Medicine code from 1..1 to 0..1 The following changes to vocabulary have been made; Policy.code : changed to ActCode RegulationPolicyActCode from SPL Substance.code : … (set to ~MaterialEntityClassType) Medicine.code : x_Medicine is what it is actually set to PackagedMedicine.code: EntityCode now ContainerEntityType Manufacturer.code : EntityCode - dropped - no obvious use nor suitable vocabulary. Approval.code : ActCode changed to ActMedicineApproval to match SPL

4) Added MedicationDocument back.

v1.4.7 - 04 March 2008

1) Corrected artifact ID for A_Pricing CMET