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12/5/2014 - HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA© Release 2: Reporting to Public Health Cancer Registries from Ambulatory Healthcare Providers, Release 1 Available for Comments

  • This is the final review for the PHER work group as well as co-sponsors prior to the final publication of this IG.
  • The comment period is open from 12/5/2014 through EOD 12/11/2014.
  • During the comment period, please submit your comments below including at least your name, item, existing wording, proposed wording, and comment. Thank you.
  • The document can be obtained here:


Enter your comments below this line.

  • Wendy Blumenthal: Corrected typos and made editorial adjustments to Volume 1. Types of editorial changes include: moving a diagram to more appropriate location, aligning examples in Volume 1 to changes that were made to Volume 2, and improved clarity in scenarios.
  • Austin Kreisler: I've identified an additional branching issue with PatientRole/id. The IG requires two id's, on for SSN and a second for medical record number. Neither of the id's are branched, hence the class "two are required, but only one is allowed" problem when branching has not been done.
  • Austin Kreisler: In Vol. 2, the Cancer Event Report Document Template, a table is included that identifies all the required section templates. That table was not updated when the ballot reconciliation 3was applied that Changed from using Assessment and Plan Section V2 template to the Assessment Section template. The table needs to identify the correct Assessment Section template.
  • Austin Kreisler: The constraints on the US Realm Address (AD.US.FIELDED) (V2) - Cancer IG Specific Constraints - Published template are contradictory when it comes to handling international addresses. The constraint on Country and City clearly intended to accommodate countries and cities outside the US. State and Postal code on the other hand are very specific as to the allowed valueset which are constrained to only US states and postal codes. The value set constraints on state and postalCode needs to be relaxed from SHALL to SHOULD to make this template implementable.
  • Austin Kreisler:
    • Value Sets- Add hyperlinks to those value sets inherited from C-CDA that are missing hyperlinks. C-CDA may have updated these in-between so we need to check before we make changes. Some value sets refer to Veterinary Medicine (for SNOMED CT).
    • Add details of Value Sets manually to Volume 2 in those cases where Triolia did not do so. For example, if a Value Set is part of primitive statement, then Trifolia doesn’t automatically provide Value Set details table. Example:
      • “Morphologic Abnormality of Neoplasms Value Set”
      • Complete list of changes can be found on this google sheet