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PHER-CR01-Add Device to Public Health Entiy CMET

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Submitted by: Austin Kreisler Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 4/10/2009 Change request ID: PHER-CR01
Standard: PHER CMETs Release 10 Artifact ID, Name: E_PublicHealthEntity universal(COCT_RM840000UV)


The current E_PublicHealthEntity series of CMETs does not handle devices very well. Device is a specialization of Manufactured Material, which is included in the CMETs, but Device has its own specialized attributes that are not contained in the current model.


  • Add a Device class with relevant attributes to the E_PublicHealthEntity and E_PublicHealthPhysicalEntity CMETs.
  • Create a new E_PublicHealthDevice CMET which only contains the new device class.


Device specific attributes such as manufacturedModelName and SoftwareName may be relevant for public health investigations of devices.


Recommended Action Items


(Resolution is to be recorded here and in the referenced minutes, which are the authoritative source of resolution).