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PA Sched Service Minutes 10/18

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  • Jakob
  • Cooper
  • Brian


Discussed options for resolving to a HealthcareService resource as a representation of a visit type. Search interaction likely isn't sufficient, as there are several inputs to the search process that are not properties of the HealthcareService resource. For example, patient preferences for language or provider sex.

New vs. Existing patients is one of the key bits of information needed to determine which HealthcareService is appropriate. This is especially important for scheduling, as Slot duration is likely different for New Patients vs. Existing. Also, the client does not necessarily have the information to determine new vs. existing, as "new" may be defined as "no visits in the last 3 years". Only the server can know for sure. Thus the server needs to know the patient in order to determine which HealthcareService is appropriate. Thus HealthcareService discovery needs to be an operation - a search interaction is insufficient.

Look at adding Endpoint to HealthcareService to indicate where referrals / appointments should be submitted to.