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PA ConCall 20090715

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   Call is scheduled for 1.0 hour
   Wed July 15, 2009 10:15 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
   Please consult [1] for your local times
   Phone Number: 770-657-9270
   Participant Passcode: 986210#


  1. Status of 2009Sep ballot material
  2. Co-chair resignation
  3. Harmonization proposals
    1. Encounter type value set
    2. ExistancePlace RoleClass
    3. Ward/Room/Bed [3]
    4. Any for Registry Enhancement project?
  4. Encounter analysis - Home Health


Gregg, Jean, Norman, Wendy, Rene, Alex


  1. Status of 2009Sep ballot material
    • CMET Ballot withdrawn until after discussion with Clinical Statement group
    • Encounter Ballot
      1. Gregg adding attribute level documentation
      2. Need to create new messages to go to ballot – cannot have multiple messages types derived form an RMIM
      3. New RMIMs required since substantive content for RMIM is in XML file
    • Scheduling CMETS not to be in next ballot
    • RTLS – move as is to normative ballot
  2. Co-chair resignation
    • Jean is resigning co-chair position effective after Sept 2009 Plenary meeting in Atlanta
    • She will notify Karen Van as to process required
    • Per Karen – there will be interim co-chair elected during meeting at the WGM, and then this position will officially be open for election at the Jan 2010 WGM.
    • Jay Zimmerman is currently interim chair and will need to wait until Jan for election since the official announcement has already been made.
  3. Harmonization proposals
    1. Encounter type value set
      • Act.code value is constraint to encounter type
      • Need to submit harmonization proposal foe value sets for 6 encounter types inclusive of:
        1. Ambulatory
        2. Home Health
        3. Short Stay
        4. Emergency
        5. Virtual
        6. Field
      • Vote: For – 5 Opposed - 0 Abstain – 0
      • ACTION: Gregg to create cover page for harmonization proposal
    2. ExistancePlace RoleClass
      • Wiki page [4]
      • Draft proposal File:HL7 PA-200908-01 Place of Existence.doc
      • Review included discussion to add existence Place Role Class and to add 1 concept code to code system for Structural Vocabulary
      • Vote: For - 4 Opposed – 0 Abstain - 1
    3. Ward/Room/Bed [5]
      • This is not a harmonization proposal yet
      • SDL for inpat stays allows for identity of rooms, beds, wards
      • Role code missing to distinguish between these 3 types
      • Value set is a mess
      • HITSP has taken up SDL to standardize in US Realm
      • Work item for PA to clean up
      • Currently used in Norwegian implementations
      • This has different concept in V2
      • Discussion to create a harmonization proposal for codes for SDL value set
      • Motion – Committee accept concept of harmonization proposal for SDL Role codes
      • Vote: For – 5 Opposed – 0 Abstain – 0
      • Rene to send list of new SDL codes to Wendy and Gregg to upload
    4. Any for Registry Enhancement project?
      • HL7 Canada proposals will be submitted and at next meeting PA will determine whether to endorse these
  4. Encounter analysis - Home Health