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PAC: 2014 Edition Test Scripts

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ONC/NIST is issueing test scripts coming out every Friday with two week response time period. HL7 may need to respond to these, but there will not be enough time to go through full WG-PAC-EC review.


  • Draft cover letter approved by EC. We have asked HL7 members to contribute. Etc.Etc. But given timelines do not have the opportunity to arrive at consensus feedback. Content therefore reflects the opinion of the members, but does not represent a formal HL7 response.
  • This draft should be created by Thursday night, September 12.
  • Keith to cummulate bi-weekly.
  • Bill has very large URL to be used.
  • Hans to prep this wiki page to keep all documents.


  • 3-Oct-2012
    • We did not follow through on the draft cover letter, nor the bi-weekly updates.
    • So far test scripts are not showing anything that seems to require HL7 feedback on, e.g., inappropriate use/interpretation of the standards.
    • There is a concern that C-CDA and HQMF are not using the same data type release, but that may not be as big an issue externally, rather more for HL7 in that R2 is not backwards compatible with R1 where the Board desires it to be backwards compatible.