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P571 CX parts

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This is a page of type Category:InM Closed Action Items.

P51 Make CX.5 required. Make CX.4, CX.9 and CX.10 conditional.

Sponsoring Person

 Joann Larson


Make CX.5 required. Make CX.4, CX.9 and CX.10 conditional.

Disposition =

Accepted by INM on motion by __/__ (00-00-00)


The CX data type provides the structure for the unambiguous interpretation of the CX.1 ID without resorting to iteration-based meaning. This proposal seeks to have the CX. 5 Identifier Type Code be required to provide for unambiguous interpretation of the CX.1. Additional information needed is the CX.4 Assigning Authority. However, with the recent addition of the CX.9 Assigning Jurisdiction and CX.10 Assigning Agency or Department, the authority behind the code has been spread out. Consequently, these components need to be conditional in that one of them must be populated. It is also the case that 2 of of them may be populated. No assumptions can be safely made based on position or sequence unless by site agreement.