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P538 New codes table 203

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New codes in table 203

Sponsoring Person

Austin Kreisler, SAIC


Add new identifier type codes for specimen identifier to HL7 table 0203 (Identifier Type Codes). Also add identifier type code for accession number. There are companion proposals to add new fields for alternate specimen ids and accession ids to the SPM segment as CX data types. This proposal is to add identifier type codes to support those new fields.


Value Description Comment
SID Specimen ID Identifier for a specimen.
USID Unique Specimen ID A unique identifier for a specimen.
ASID Ancestor Specimen ID A unique identifier for the ancestor specimen. All child, grandchild, etc. specimens of the ancestor specimen share the same Ancestor Specimen ID.
ACSN Accession ID Accession Identifier
LACSN Laboratory Accession ID A laboratory accession id is used in the laboratory domain. The concept of accession is used in other domains such as radiology, so the LACSN is used to distinguish a lab accession id from an radiology accession id.