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P515 withdraw fields

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This is a page of type Category:InM Closed Action Items.

P515 Withdraw Fields

Sponsoring Person

 Joann Larson


Withdraw chapter 3 fields meeting criteria for withdrawal.

Disposition =

Accepted by INM on motion by __/__ (00-00-00)


In the course of developing the US Realm v2.5.1 Lab Result Interoperability Specification, we discovered a number of fields in the chapter 3 segments that meet criteria for withdrawal as specified in chapter 2. We are seeking to have these, in fact, withdrawn as they cannot be updated and thus create maintenance difficulties.

This is a joint proposal from Quest Diagnostics and Kaiser Permanente.

Proposed Solution

The following meet the criteria for withdrawal and should be withdrawn in the next ballot: EVN-1 (V2.3)

PID-2 (V2.3.1)

PID-4 (V2.3.1)

PID-9 (V2.4)

PID-12 (V2.3)

PID-19 (V2.3.1)

PID-20 (v2.5)

PID-28 (V2.4)

PV1-9 (V2.4)

PV1-40 (V2.4)

PV1-52 (V2.4)

AL1-6 (V2.4)

MRG-2 (V2.4)

MRG-4 (V2.4)

PD1-4 (V2.4)