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October 22, 2013 Security WG Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (15 min) November_2013_Harmonization_Proposals Discuss initial November Harmonization
  3. (15 min) Ballot Reconciliation - DS4P
  1. (10 min) Other Business

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from October 15 Motion made to accept meeting minutes Objections: none / Abstention: one (John Moehrke); Pass: 7

Alternative Vocabulary Nomination for Kathleen Conner to be added as a Vocabulary facilitator. current Vocab facilitator is Tony Weida, but he has been tasked heavily in vocabulary projects including S&P Ontology.

Motion made to nominate Kathleen Conner as an alternate Vocabulary facilitator (John M)/Ioana Second ACTION Item: Mike to send information to the Vocabulary Harmonization and List serve Objections: none / Abstentions: none / Motion passes

Ballot Reconciliation - HCS

  • item #32 (comment from John Moehrke) discussion on purpose of use in HCS
    • proposed resolution added (see disposition comment)
    • verbiage is considered wordy; John will take a look at the new wording and respond
  • item #33 wording changed from 'standard' to known standard (comment accepted)
  • item #34 item truncated, can be made readable (see document note/reconciliation comment)
  • item #35
  1. 33,34,35 - Motion made to accept committee resolution (and provisionally on #32 pending John M's response)

Objections: none / Abstentions: none / Motion passed: 7

Ballot Reconciliation - DS4P IG

  • remaining comments for John Moehrke
  • item # 7 XDS metadata
    • propose Ioana will identify the transaction ID and review with John to find out/confirm where we are falling short
    • enumerating the transactions
  • item #15 we will add to the front matter. the DS4P IG is an instantiation of the HCS applicale to the 42CFR Part, etc. It applies the policy-agnostic HCS to a real life policies derived from US regulation.

Vote/MOTION made to accept comment resolutions for the following tems:

  • Discuss initial November Harmonization proposals
  • HCS Sept 2013 Ballot Reconciliation Spreadsheet for discussion Oct 22
  • Report on TSC approval of the Security Labeling Service: HL7 Working Group Updates from the TSC for the week of October 21st, 2013 Approved Projects - Security Labeling Service for Security WG of FTSD cosponsored by SOA WG at Project Insight # 1046. Key objectives targeted by this project: Specify interoperable Security Labeling functional capabilities that are exposed through well-defined, technology agnostic service interfaces.
  • S&P DAM DSTU expires Feb 16, 2014. Is there a January 2014 ballot planned?

next call: will be a one-hour call to start at 5PM EST / first hour will cover DS4P, the second hour will be HCS

  • one comment still to be worked on with Clem McDonald which Johnathan has spoken to him about