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October 08, 2013 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information


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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (15 min) Ballot Reconciliation - Ioana
  3. (15 min) Review of work defining sensitivity value set
  1. (5 min) Other Business

Meeting Minutes

Ballot Reconciliation HL7_IG_DS4P_R1_N1_2013SEP_amalgamated.xls

  • In person reconciliation for Lisa Nelson, items 45 - 51

MOTION made to accept the discussed items from today's ballot reconciliation (Ioana / Lisa, Second) ABSTAIN: 0 ; AGAINST: 0 ; AFFIRMATIVE: 8 Motion: Passes

  • Steve Eichner, Brian Handspicker will review the noted ballot resolutions provided by Ioana and report back to Ioana on any concerns.
  • Ioana will resend the ballot resolution link

Meeting adjourned at 1001 PST

--Suzannegw 17:14, 8 October 2013 (UTC)

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