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Oct 10 -

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Attendees: George Dixon Joe Quinn Stephen Chu Laura Heermann Emma Jones Mike Padula Rob Hausam


  • The “Ideal” COF Participant
    • • Clinically experienced
      • o Formal clinical training in a health care specialty or clinical analysts with a solid understanding of clinical workflow, processes and terminology.
    • • Demonstrable knowledgeable about FHIR basics and the FHIR paradigm
      • o Concepts like resources, profiles, datatypes APIs etc. are well understood
      • o Knows enough to help test the resources and find gaps in FHIR
    • • Comfortable with ClinFHIR and able to create scenarios, resource/profile instances
    • • Willing to participate in the planned activities contributing to the overarching goals of Clinicians on FHIR including:
      • o Clinical validity, accuracy and usability testing
      • o Providing structured feedback via formal reporting tools
      • o Participate in improving processes towards development if FHIR

  • - Point out what this session is for… as well as what it is not…..
    • This session is NOT:
      • - Training
      • - Personal Q&A
      • - Private application development

  • Next week – pick up on Viet’s slide deck – specifically on the High level process slide. Any thing we would do differently? What is the purpose of having such a diagram? Where will we use it? Put it? Who is the target audience?