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OO WGM Agenda May 2014

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  • business icon - business
  • ballot reconciliation icon - ballot reconciliation
  • technical icon - technical
  • / = joint session
  • + = session with representatives of

Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday May 5 AM Q1 business icon OO
  • Agenda Review
  • Project Administrivia
  • Project Update
Available Chairs: Riki,Rob
Q2 ballot reconciliation icon OO + FHIR
  • Various FHIR Updates
    • S&I Structured Data Capture Resources
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki, Patrick?
PM Q3 technical icon OO
  • LAB IG Smorgasbord?
Available Chairs: Riki, Ken, Lorraine, Hans, Rob
Q4 technical icon OO
  • Various FHIR Updates
    • Nutrition Resources
Available Chairs: Hans, Lorraine
Tuesday May 6 AM Q1 ballot reconciliation icon OO
  • S&I Structured Data Collection PSS
  • LAB IG Smorgasbord (eDOS, LOI, LRI, ELR)
Available Chairs: Hans, Ken
Q2 technical icon OO/Rx + RCRIM + PHER
  • General updates
Available Chairs: Hans
PM Q3 technical icon OO
  • Specimen DAM Ballot Reconciliation
Available Chairs: Riki, Lorraine,
Q4 technical icon OO
  • V2.9 Proposals
  • LCC - call in from Jim Harrisson
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Riki
Wednesday May 7 AM Q1 technical icon OO
  • Table 0078 - call information TBD
  • Lab Smorgasbord (LOI, LRI, eDOS, ELR)
Available Chairs: Lorraine, Patrick?, Riki, Hans (15 min delay), Rob
Q2 technical icon OO/II/AP/CG
  • Specimen
  • Other Updates
Available Chairs: Riki, Lorraine, Rob?
PM Q3 technical icon OO
  • V3 Lab Order
Available Chairs: Hans, Lorraine, Riki, Rob, Patrick
Q4 technical icon OO + EHR
  • Functional Behavior Guide - Bob Dieterle/Rob Snelick
  • PHR Profile discussion
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki, Rob?, Lorraine?
Thursday May 8 AM Q1 ballot reconciliation icon OO/Pt Care + Clinical Decision Support + Templates
  • vMR
  • DSS - Order Services
  • Allergy, Care Plans, Care Concern
Available Chairs: Hans, Lorraine
Q2 technical icon OO + FHIR
  • FHIR updates
Available Chairs: Hans, Lorraine,
PM Q3 ballot reconciliation icon OO/CS/Pt Care
  • CS Ballot Reconciliation
  • Planning next WGM, etc
  • TBD
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki,
Q4 ballot reconciliation icon OO
  • LAB IG Smorgasbord (eDOS, LOI, LRI, ELR)
Available Chairs: Hans, Riki,
Friday May 9 AM Q1 ballot reconciliation icon OO
  • Various TBD
Available Chairs: Hans?
  • No Meeting
PM Q3 No Meeting
Q4 No Meeting