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Minutes HL7 Nurse Group 19-November-2014

Discussion on showcase NI2016


Attending Name Initiaal Company/Affiliation Email Address
Present Goossen, William WG Results 4 Care, IMIA NI Representative NL
Present Goossen, Anneke AG Results 4 Care
Present Heermann Langford, Laura LH Director of Nursing Informatics, Intermountain Healthcare, Co-chair HL7 Patient Care and Emergency WG, IHE Patient Care Coordination, PCC
Absent Van Dyke, Patricia PD Director, EDI, HL7 Co-chair EHR WG
Absent Reeves, Dianne DR NIH/NCI, HL7 Co-chair Clinical Interoperability Council (CIC)
Absent Frean, Isobel IF Head of Health Infomatics, Corporate Medical, Bupa
Absent Jones, Emma EJ Senior Business Analyst at Allscripts
Present Weber, Patrick PW Nice Computing, NI2016 Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
Absent Sensmeier, Joyce JS VP Informatics at HIMSS, NI2016 Supportive committee
Absent Hübner, Ursula Hertha UB Prof. Dr. bei Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Germany
Present Sharma, Rajendra RS The Coding Institute
Absent Whitewood-Moores Zac ZWM Health and Social Care Information Centre


WG opens the meeting. He welcomes RS as a new Member. It was hard to plan conference calls for this year, so the attendees will spread over the two planned calls. WG gave a summary of what and why of the preparations for the showcase during the NI2016 conference in Geneva. The HL7 Nurse Group should consider to submit a paper, tutorial, poster etc to NI2016.


LH and PW talked to JS on the AMIA conference. Contributors need to join the connectathon and showcases next year to get experience with the phenomenon. JS also recommend a special event before the showcase (tutorial or workshop) so contributors and attendees are well informed. Another recommendation is to have a Tour Guide that helps the audience walk by the showcases and explain. JS also offers support from the HIMMS organization. HIMSS is willing to sponsor. How is not determined yet. JS offered Sandy Vance to give support on the organization and the scenario. HIMSS will also promote the NI2016 showcase. We will catch up with her in the next conference call. The next HIMMS is in April 12-16, 2015, in Chicago. Joining this will give us the opportunity to learn, meet sponsors etc. Also joining a HIMMS Europe meeting is a possibility. See Or joining one of the IHE Connecthaton in 2015, IHE-Luxembourg, on 20-24 April 2015. See more at: Also the NIWG of AMIA is very interested.

Possible showcases

Possible "scenarios" or "use cases" from a Nurses perspective are:

  • IHE profiles e-Nursing summary.
  • Patient Plan of Care PPOC.
  • Pressure Ulcer Domain Analys Model and FHIR resource.
  • Existing DCM's for pressure ulcer.

Standards for use can be HL7 v3 Care Record, CDA, FHIR, CIMI clinical models. The purpose of the showcase is make/ show date move from one system to another system.

Around each showcase a clinical story must be created. Maybe HIMMS has a template for that.

JS will have a look at which nursing showcases were included in earlier HIMMS. LH talked to Stan Huff about HSP (Health Services Platform) and HSP has expressed their interest in the NI2016 showcase. Also FHIR can be part of the showcase. LH will bring this up during the FHIR conference call this week. We can also use the Clinical connecthaton during the HL7 WGM on Friday. The first possibility will be in January, San Antonio.

Possible vendors that would participate

LH: maybe we can use the IHE Connectathon database to identify potential vendors. In the database possible vendors can be selected by role, 'creators' or 'consumers'. The rule is that there is at least one creator and two consumers. We need a minimum of three vendors that want to participate in the showcase.

What can NI2016 offer contributors?

This is depending on the sponsors. It is to early to determine. Possibilities are: -Space is free if possible -Entree is free for organizers if possible. -Booth on the floor must be paid. -No pay for the showcase

Next steps

  • Talk to Chuck Jaffe for HL7 engagement. Action: Laura Heermann and Anneke Goossen, January in San Antonio.
  • Projectplan: Action: William Goossen.
  • Create a Brochure that is telling what the NI2016 showcase will be. Action: William Goossen create a draft brochure, Patrick Weber the final brochure.
  • Create PSS. Action: William Goossen
  • Contact with FHIR. Action: Laura Heermann

Next online meeting

December 15th, 1.00 pm ET