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Conference call HL7 Nurse Group

Date: October 13 2014

Chair: Pat van Dyk

Minutes: Pat van Dyk


Anneke Goossen

William Goossen

Emma Jones, Allscripts

Laura Heerman Langford

Pat Van Dyke

Topic: what and how to contribute to the Nursing Informatics 2016, NI2016, conference?


Submission of papers: Expected in Spring 2015

Proposal made by William Goossen:

Make a showcase for Interoperability in the Nursing Domain—not medical domain

  • Define Use cases---should tie together
  • Make a demonstration of the Use Cases during the 2-3 days of the conference
    • E.g. transfer from nursing home to Hospital care
    • Transfer back to nursing home
    • eHealth requirements upon returning to the nursing home
    • Care plan – Patient Care HL7/ IHE

Types of Content accepted for the conference:

  • Traditional papers: 3-5 pages, research
  • Tutorial (half day in the class type setting) ---usually occur before the conference
  • Poster (3x5) must adhere to a structured abstract. Tells a story on a board
  • Panel: series of presentations that interlink

William suggests having a panel and a connectathon ---that is supported by the panel. Suggested use cases are:

  • Domain Analysis Model for pressure ulcers: Good example of an HL7 artifact where nursing has been involved (Matney and the VA)

Do we need papers 1st---to support the panel---that then supports the connectathon? The format from HIMSS could be made available for these events. Also the FHIR connectathons can be an example.

Need a couple of vendors to be involved in the Connectathon. William has discussed this with vendors in the Netherlands (2 already that are willing to demonstrate).

  • Hospital in Eindhoven ---cardiac rehabilitation (CHF), Perinatology (mother/child care) and Epilepsy

Do we plan for a WGM in 2015 or a virtual connectathon prior to the meeting? Could we use the Friday connectathon at HL7 to be a foundation for a connectathon at HL7.

HSPC – Health Services Platform Consortium--- New organization in 2015. Look at leveraging services to for interoperability. Is there something on their timeline that may apply? (Intermountain, Harris--??? VA )

What we heard in Taipei – are nurses ready for their supportive role in patients using eHealth.----Should we build on this for 2016? Yes

Autism app— Demographics should be part of the structure: meds, vital sign, psychological factors

William suggests the following name for this work: Integrated Nursing Care Across Boundaries Showcase, INCABS. No decisions yet.

How do we constrain for timing/deliverables?

  • Commitment to doing this work: can we make this commitment?
  • Laura: start simple -- target 3 examples---

Using FHIR Have one vendor at least commit to being at the showcase.

  • Need: Project plan

Each person needs to engage at least one vendor Would be a commitment to travel to Geneva in 2016: committing to their expenses. $10,000 commitment for vendors.

Plan By January WGM:

  • Determine whether we can get things together
  • Determine if we need to go for a lesser commitment.
  • Might look at the HIMSS for nursing showcases-- Joyce Sensmeier would be a place to start.
  • Emma – homecare use care---storyboard for this with a lot of nursing intervention; nursing decision--
  • IHE – vendors for nursing notes — Triage note
  • Workflow in nursing….

Start with a project scope statement (like) document. William will prepare that.

Meet again in 2 weeks. Monday at 1000. October 27th to go over a draft PSS.