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November 4th 2008 Security Conference Call

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==Attendees== (expected)

Agenda & Meeting Minutes

(05 min) Roll Call

(15 min) Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda (Mike D / Rob M) with discussed updates
(40 min) Discussion
  • Semantic Interoperability - discussion, presentation (Rob McClure) in two weeks
    • Semantic interoperability as an end goal wherein at policy level, the two systems see policy as the same thing with no confusion.
  • Trigger events discussed.
  • Review, Q&A, Clarification of Constraint Catalog Example presented at last meeting discussed
    • Row 2 is where there are possible interoperability points where Security needs to enforce policy
    • Row 3 are examples from the current Permission Catalog and CBCC's Data Consent Model of Row 2
  • A starting vocabulary should be decided upon in order to begin work on Constraint Catalog
    • The ability to encode policy to a language (i.e. XACML--a policy language)
Use vocabulary in the data consent and plug into consent matrix (or codes you are coming up with)

To Do List

Group Homework: To Review the Draft Constraint Catalog Constraint Catalog

  • Does this spreadsheet contain enough information? too much information?
  • Confirm that the most current data is available in each column
  • Prepare to give comments at next meeting

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