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November 4, 2015 Education Telecon

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Meeting Minutes

  • Role Call
    • Virginia Lorenzi (chair)
    • Mary Ann Boyle (HL7 Staff)
    • Sean Mc Ivenna
    • Diego Kaminker (scribe)
    • Sharon Chaplock (HL7 Staff)
  • Approval of last meeting minutes
    • Motion to Approve (DK) Second(Sean)
    • Motion Passed
  • New Tutorials
    • Clinical Genomics on FHIR: Thursday in the Morning. Everything is settled. Good to go (Mary Ann). Reviewing the description VL find some changes for the tutorial description. Reviewing it with Heather.
    • HL7 Buzz Tutorial - No News
    • HL7 Tools - Trifolia

Sharon: EC said that it would be better to have it taught as a birds of a feather instead of a stand alone tutorial Sean: doubts about the mechanism and effectiveness of a birds of a feather session. MaryAnn: You have absolute freedom on doing the b-o-f session. Diego: agreed MaryAnn: please send a description of what you want to cover and we will include it in the brochure Sean: will talk with the company

  • Professional certification status / Workflow for Certification

Sharon created one. Will go through it. Shared this with Austin. Will go through this with a survey to see if people and companies are interested.

  • V2 exam updates

(Sharon) Exams are updated

  • Tutorial Blurbs, Roles, Pathways

(Virginia) Identify roles and pathways for tutorials. (Sean): Audience (tutorial good for…) - Maybe achieved by updating the tutorial brochure and form. (Virginia) Tutors doing individually, is not consistent. (Sharon): Maybe give some guidelines to filling it consistently, including the benefits. (Virginia) Do we use the same for webinars (Sharon) The same people giving the tutorial gives the webinar.

  • Universities

brought by Francisco (Spain). Melva will bring it to the IC. Will wait on that.

  • V2 Workshop Project

Action item for DK: Ask Fernando if he is interested in creating or helping with this project: hands-on v2 workshop. If not, think about canceling the project.

  • Summits

How we can market it to make more people come. FHIR has higher assistance than CDA R2 and V2. MU are very lower. MU regulation has changed. Think what we can change and what we can introduce. Which issues put as focus? Ask on listserv. (Ginny) Policy summit education?

  • Inventory of Tutorials and associated Specifications

(Diego) Went through this for years. (Virginia) How do you organize the tutorials (MaryAnn) We have titles, how many people attended, how many times it was taught, etc. We don´t have the speakers. It´s in Excel. The descriptions are in Word documents. (Diego) Maybe have the information at a cloud based education asset inventory software

  • (DK) Motion to adjourn (SMI) Second.

Next meeting in 15 days Adjourned

Next meeting

  • Next meeting - Wednesday, November 18th at 4pm Eastern