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November 30, 2017 Financial Management Work Group Conference Call

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Conference Call Schedule

Freeconference - at online meetings tab select join meeting and enter fm4 Dial in 515 739 1538 Access Code 589967


Member Name
Kathleen Connor Co-chair x
Beat Heggli Co-chair .
Paul Knapp Co-chair x
John Moehrke Security Co-Chair
Lorraine Constable .
Andy Stechishin x
Mark Scrimshire x
Grahame Grieve ,
Corey Spears ,
Mary Kay McDaniel ,
Durwin Day .
Lenel James .
Reed Gelzer .
Julia Chan .
Jamie Mosteller .
Alec McLure .
Rachel Foerster .
Eric Ellsworth .
Pete Glibert x
Alex Beckner x
Susan Langford x


  • Review SDC PSS for SSDS vote.
  • Review outstanding FHIR Contract CPs to prepare for January Informative Ballot.
  • Review other CPs as time allows.


  • Paul chaired, Kathleen scribed.
  • Paul reviewed previous call CP resolutions and outstanding issues related to Event Pattern for FHIR Contract.
  • Reviewed SDC PSS. Vote to approve at SSDS: Andy moved, Kathleen seconded. Approved 6-0-0.
  • CR 9127 - Duplication of Subject. Vote to reopen previous persuasive disposition. Andy moved, Kathleen seconded. Approved 6-0-0. Vote on new disposition "changes previously applied because persuasive. Andy moved, Kathleen seconded. Approved 6-0-0.
  • Paul will pull CPs related to mapping to external standards into a block vote. Discussion about whether such mappings are appropriate until a MOU is reached with relevant external SDOs.
  • Kathleen to locate any v2 or v3 elements supporting credit card information for coverage or any other financial transaction.