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November 16, 2010 Security Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

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Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Roll Call, Approve previous week's Meeting Minutes & Accept Agenda, Action Item Review

Security-Privacy Ontology, plus demo the Manchester University browser Tony Weida SecurityAndPrivacy.owl Ontology (new) has been posted on GForge for peer review.

  • Recall that there are three component ontologies:
    • SecurityAndPrivacy.owl (the core ontology, eventually intended to become normative)
    • VeteransHealthAdministration.owl (contains structural roles from the VHA as examples)
    • DemoLocalSecurityAndPrivacy.owl (contains example local representations, especially individuals, for “Somewhere Hospital” and “Elsewhere Hospital”)

The latter two will be updated and posted in another week or two.

  • Options for viewing include:
  • Known limitations and notes:
    • Objects are not yet categorized.
    • Description annotations for classes are often taken from external sources but have room for improvement. (Discussion and suggestions welcome.)
    • Source annotations for classes refer to sources of information for modeling the classes themselves.

Security-Privacy DAM, Vocabulary Harmonization spreadsheet Update - Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

Patient Safety - Risk Assessment Document - duplication of what was completed by Security WG?

Action Items

  1. Contact Patient Safety regarding Risk Assessment document collaboration/roll into the current Security RA document (John Moehrke)
  2. Review latest version of Security-Privacy Ontology posted by Tony (link above) by Attendees
  3. Security-Privacy DAM mapping to Standards update (Suzanne Gonzales-Webb, Diana Proud-Madruga, Ed Coyne) ongoing

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