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November 11, 2015

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  • Agenda amended to focus on spreadsheet examples of BPPC type CDs
  • The purpose served by the CD.type was discussed - is it limited to just specifying that this instance of a FHIR Contract CD profile = Consent the only allowed use or can we specify types of CDs as the type?
  • Differentiating a very simple CD that only has the top level elements from one with multiple terms and top level elements - how should the vocabulary be used? E.g., could a simple top level OPTIN and minimal additional information - e.g., the OID where the OPTIN signed CD can be found also be used where there are also "terms" such pertaining to "Break Glass" and "for Dr. Bob's eyes only"?
  • Reviewed the few xml examples available. Russell McDonald contributed two simple xml instances he'd created. Homework is for all to contribute simple xml instances following the current model to detect/illustrates what works, what's ambiguous, where vocabulary is needed, and what's broken.

Action Items

  • John will build an xml instance with all/most of the elements that others can use for their examples and post to FHIR Consent Directive Use Cases the [TBD - John's exemplar instance for others to use to create FHIR CD instances goes here]
  • Kathleen to add all v.3 related code and value sets to spreadsheet and post atFHIR Consent Directive Value Sets
Member Name Member Name Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair x Kathleen Connor Tarik Idris
William Kinsley x Russell McDonell x John Moehrke Security Co-Chair
Marty Prahl Diana Proud-Madruga Pat Pyette
Andrew Torres x Glen Marshall [1]