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November 05, 2013 Security WG Conference Call

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Member Name Present Member Name Present Member Name Present
Mike Davis Security Co-chair x John Moehrke Security Co-chair Trish Williams Security Co-chair
Bernd Blobel, Security Co-chair . . .
Johnathan Coleman x Kathleen Connor x Duane DeCouteau
Reed Gelzer Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-chair x Brian Handspicker x
Muhammed Jafari Don Jorgenson Diana Proud-Madruga x
Harry Rhodes Ioana Singureanu David Staggs
Richard Thoreson CBCC Co-chair Tony Weida x Scott Weinstein
. .

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. New Harmonization Proposal - Kathleen
  3. (15 min) Ballot Reconciliation Comments/Vote HCS (Dr. Stumpf and Clem's comments
  4. (15 min) Ballot Reconciliation Comments Security and Privacy Ontology
  5. (15 min) NIB submittal
  6. (10 min) Other Business

Meeting Minutes

New Harmonization Proposal - Kathleen (accepted by the review)

  • TPO - for a legacy system; to perform one or more operations on information by a healthcare provider for provision of healthcare treatment, payment or provider operations
  • TO - treatment and operations to satisfy where a patient paid for their services and did not want the information relayed to the payer; to perform one or more operations on information by a healthcare provider for provision of health care treatment or provider operations
    • Mike, John have reservations on this proposal (previous concepts/code are 'singular,' and this may appear to have joining multiple codes in a convenient or arbitrary combination/set/group)
      • there is no reason why policy cannot be interpreted to include TPO

What will it mean to support more than one value?

Purpose of the code is to define the policy the decision is to be made in


Ballot Reconciliation Comments/Vote HCS (Dr. Stumpf and Clem's comments) HCS Ballot Reconciliation comment resolutions / negative comments reviewed:

  • line 36 - (Dr. Stumpf) similar to Clem's. (No vote recorded, so no response required), response shortened to two sentences per recommendation
  • line 37 (comment 34) - not persuasive
  • line 38 (comment 35) - not persuasive
  • line 39 (comment 36) - not persuasive (handling caveats not complete)
  • line 40 (comment 37)
  • line 41 (comment 38)
  • line 42 (comment 39)

--end of Dr. Stumpf’s comments

  • line 43 -
  • line 44 -
  • line 45 –

---end of Clem McDonald's comments Mike expressed concern that the comment disposition resolution responses provided on the ballot comments would allow for the passing of the ballot? Kathleen: <<yes>>

Notes: no further comments returned from Alan Hobbs or Walter Suarez Motion made by Kathleen to accept the HCS comment disposition resolutions as presented and amended per discussion. Brian : Second; no further discussion VOTE: Objections: none / Abstentions: none / Motion: Passes (6)

Remaining agenda items will be moved forward to next week's meeting

Meeting adjourned: 14:58 Add to next week: LOINC clinical background ontology which discusses (use of S&P,RBAC ontologies, etc.) use of common terminology as required for conformance systems (Tony to provide background)

--Suzannegw 00:01, 6 November 2013 (UTC)