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Notes from Implementation Committee and Conformance Jan2007

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January 2007, WGM, Conformance hosting Implementation

These are informal notes, see Conformance minutes for formal record of motions.

  • TC Strategy
    • Conformance plans to petition to be a TC in May
    • Implementation TC to become a normal TC instead of a board TC, needs to petition to TSC as well
  • Try to create 1 committee? MnM (inofficially) is OK with Conformance moving away from them.
    • Motion to combine TCs and petition as 1 committee (all in favour, with one abstention)
    • Action item: for a subgroup to create a joint mission/scope statement (the petition). Think of a new name. Determine how many co-chairs we need.
  • From now onwards, act as if we're already one combined TC.
  • Agenda synchronization for Köln: Conformance has already reserved room from MON to THUR, all quarters. Implementation TC to agree with Conformance on when they'd like to meet. Also means Tue lunch takes place outside of the meeting room. TUE Q2 implementation quarter, other querter to be agreed upon.

  • One day implementation workshop/case studies in Cologne, AMS gave us a full day (Wednesday, probably)
    • Mixture of case studies (management, marketing), architects/analyst, programmer. Different audiences. Find "inspirational speakers / implementers". "Implementation Guides; best practices and support tools".
    • Charlie/implementation TC to coordinate this, collect ideas, approach speakers. Members of Conf TC will send ideas to Charlie.

  • Implementation guide
    • Tooling committee and CA have an interest in this, will take the lead.
    • Guide similar to current "v3 Guide".

  • NLM implementation guide
    • Tool available in about a month (mid-February)
    • MIF based tool.