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Multiple telecom elements for custodian CDA R3

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Submitted by: Rick Geimer Revision date: October 15, 2009
Submitted date: October 15, 2009 Change request ID: <<Change Request ID>>


Custodian currently allows only one telecom element (see ClinicalDocument/custodian/assignedCustodian/representedCustodianOrganization/telecom). This makes it impossible to record both a telephone number and an email address for a custodian, or even separate phone and fax numbers.


  • Allow multiple telecom elements.


Multiple telecom elements would allow phone, email, fax, etc. vs. requiring the author to pick only one of the above.


Recommended Action Items


April 10, 2010: Agree with the need for multiple representedCustodianOrganization/telecom (if only to have both email and telephone). Change cardinality to 0..*. opposed: 0; abstain: 0; in favor: 10.