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Muli-language support in CDA Body

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Submitted by: Frank Oemig Revision date: 29.09.09
Submitted date: 16.07.09 (proposal), 29.09.09 (formal proposal) Change request ID: <<Change Request ID>>


  • Currently, multi-language support is only possible when using separate sections. So one can repeat the same text in different languages in a separate paragraph. From a visualisation perspective, this is fine. But when it comes to reference the different entries, one would need to set a reference to the same structured content. But this is not allowed across sections.


  • Migrate to the new datatypes.
  • Or allow for cross-section referencing of entries.


  • It does not make sense to repeat the same structured information for each translation.


Recommended Action Items


Sept 9, 2010: We support the requirement. We're not clear how this requirement is met with the new data types, so will move this over to the workplan to be sure the requirement is traced. opposed: 0; abstain: 0: approve: 14. (We agree that this is probably covered by new ED data type, which can specify language and translations).