Model to Template Relationship

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Definition of models with templates presents issues from 2 perspectives

First: How do you represent the points on a model which can be used as the starting point for the definition of templates.

Second: How do you designate which templates are valid within the implementation model context. An example of this is the NHS implementation guide model development methodology. This also needs clarification of the templates are 'Open' or "Closed'. Which is to say, a Closed mechanism only allows pre-specified templates whereas and 'Open' mechanism allows continual constraint to occur (this is the current mechanism in use in the CDA artefacts)

The specific questions the Templates Work Group has been struggling with are:

  1. How do you indicate in a parent model, which notes are eligible to have templates applied. And for parent models which are already constrained (ie. Being used in an implementation guide) how do you indicate which specific templates are valid. Is the mechanism different for open versus closed templates.
  2. For specific templates, how do you indicate what element on a parent model they are applied to.
  3. In an instance, how do you identify which templates have been applied – ie which constraints are declared to have been applied.
  4. Show examples of all answers.
  5. Are there any tooling changes needed in the current RMIM Designer to apply 1 or 2. What about MDHT and SDM?