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MnM Minutes WGM 201209 Baltimore

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Sunday Sep 9 Q3


Lloyd McKenzie, Abdul-Malik Shakir, Alexander Henket, Rik Smithies, Grahame Grieve, Ewout Kramer, Debbie Bogert, Rene Spronk, Hugh Glover, Woody Beeler, Jean Duteau, Kevin Coonan, Anita Walden


Establish Agenda for WGM from Hot Topics


  • Reviewed the existing Hot Topics
    • Close:
      • Object Equivalence
      • Context Conduction in Cyclic RIM graphs
    • Parking Lot:
      • HXIT for Associations

Alexander: Create a Design Pattern for "representing hierarchy using part/partOf"

  • Updated the Agenda with the proper quarters noted.
    • Dropping Tue Q1/Q2, Thu Q1/Q2 quarters
    • Meeting Wed Q1 for RIM hot topics and Handling Deprecated Attributes

Monday Sep 10 Q3


Woody Beeler (and his shadow)


Ballot Reconciliation - CMETS and Core Principles R2

Failed to achieve quorum, BUT ... the time was used to prepare Specific reconciliation proposals that were subsequently taken to the joint FHIR/MnM meeting in the following quarter.

During that session, reconciliation on the Cmets release 3 was COMPLETED, and all but two line items on Core Principles Release 2 were approved. The remaining items will be taken to conference calls.

See FHIR/MnM Minutes for Monday Q4.

Tuesday Sep 11 Q4


Woody Beeler, Abdul-Malik Shakir, Lorraine Constable


SAIF Artifact Definition Project

A plan for re-awakening the SAIF Artifact Definition project was created and approved (2/0/0)

Specifics of the plan are in a Powerpoint and related spreadsheet are posted on Gforge and were presented at the SAIF Architecture Project meeting on Wednesday, Q4. The plan for provides for focusing the effort on core definition content for artifacts that are currently in use or immediately needed. Currently plan to schedule a session on conference call during the Harmonization meeting period, if time is available

Wednesday Sep 12 Q1


Woody Beeler, Abdul-Malik Shakir


Handling Deprecated Attributes

We reviewed the current set of attributes that need to be retired, but which have not been removed owing to dependent designs. Agreed that all but one of these changes replaced the deprecated attribute with a semantically-equivalent construct that could be substituted "automatically". The remaining change - context conduction - needs further analysis. It is likely that some fraction of these could also be replaced "automatically", but that it is also likely that not all such changes could be done.

Beeler agreed to undertake to analyze these and offer (propose) a Harmonization change and a proposed strategy for review during the Harmonization interim conference calls.

Thursday May 17 Evening


Woody - TSC (report), Grahame - MnM, Ewout - FHIR, Mead - PatSafety/RCRIM, Alexander - PatAdmin (report), Rob - Vocab (report), Lloyd - MnM (report), Wendy - Vocab, Ted - Vocab (report), Dale - ITS (report), Norman - AnatPath, Kevin - EmergCare/PatCare (report), Hugh - Pharmacy (report), Joginder - PHER (report), Jean (Scribe) - MnM,Pharm (report), Lorraine - OO (report), AMS (Chair) - MnM/CIC


Harmonization Dates

  • Sunday, October 7, 2012 11:59PM - Harmonization Preliminary Proposal Deadline
  • Tuesday, October 16, 2012 12:00PM - Harmonization Technical Reviewe
  • Sunday, October 28, 2012 11:59PM - Harmonization Final Proposal Deadline
  • Tuesday, November 6, 2012 12:00-4:00PM - Harmonization Meetings
  • WednesdayNovember 7, 2012 12:00-4:00PM - Harmonization Meetings
  • Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:00-4:00PM - Harmonization Meetings
  • Friday, November 9, 2012 12:00-4:00PM - Harmonization Meetings
  • March 5-8, 2013
  • July 23-26, 2013
  • November 12-15, 2013

Facilitator Report

  • OO (Lorraine) - CPM meeting to discuss Wire-Format Backward Compatibility, work on Nutrition Order and Specimen modelling, harmonization proposals to come from *Nutrition work
  • PHER (Joginder) - Immunization v3 passed normative, CDA IGs to ballot
  • Pharmacy (Hugh) - Med Order R2, Dispense R2, Medication Profile. Looking at core definitions to ensure consistency, one harmonization proposal from Pharmacy
  • PatCare (Kevin) - Care Record passed normative. DCM DSTU project going forward, discussion about the role DAMs play in the HDF (joint with CIC and other groups), ActRelationshipType from MnM, confidentialityCode from Security, Patient Care has a struggle with the List Act class.
  • ITS (Dale) - balloting will depend on the outcome of the Datatypes Task Force, ITS R2 Guide passed ballot
  • Vocab (Ted) - work done on Terminology Authority PSS, lots of work with IHTSDO and SNOMED, v2 Tables review project work, continuing work on binding syntax and binding model
  • Vocab (Rob) - work towards a TermInfo DSTU ballot
  • PatAdmin (Alexander) - two harmonization ballots, working with FHIR resources (SubjectOfCare, Person, Organization, Agent), removed some old material, align CMETs for Patient and Person with the balloted topics
  • TSC (Woody) - Each product line will have a Governance Board. FHIR is the first one and has a Governance Board and a Management Group. GB will develop the principles, MG will coordinate the activities amongst the work groups. TSC has a task force formed to look at the datatypes backwards compatibility
  • FHIR/MnM (Lloyd) - Media:201209_MnM_and_FHIR_roundtable_summary.pptx FHIR will be scheduling with the various workgroups for Jan WGM

Parking Lot Items

  • Act class LIST - guidance on the use of this class. What is a "Dynamic" list? ACTION (Kevin Coonan): Create a M&M Hot Topic on this for discussion at a future conference call.
  • HDF Status as a Methodology Guide - the project closed and was intended to be taken over by the SAIF project. The generation of Domain Analysis Models has taken off since then and the HDF is not clear on how to this correctly. Questions on this would be take this forward to the SAIF Artifact Definition process.
  • CMET Alignment implication - the concern will be with the semantic compatibility of the new CMETs and whether harmonization with the new domain models breaks the semantic compatibility. ACTION (Alexander): Create a new M&M Hot Topic to be discussed in a future M&M conference call.
  • Terminology Authority Discussion at Harmonization - ACTION: Discuss this at the upcoming Harmonization meeting
  • Deprecated Attributes for Harmonization - ACTION (Woody): M&M will submit a proposal to deal with these attributes
  • Artifact Definition Project at Harmonization - Do that during a regular M&M conference call.

Friday May 18 Q2



MnM Housekeeping

  • Worked on schedule for Phoenix WGM
  • ACTION: Consult with SD and ITS about possible joint topics
  • M&M has governance over the Reference Models (RIM, Datatypes, Design Principles, etc.) and it also has provenance over methodology of the models throughout the organization
  • ACTION: Review SWOT, 3yr Plan, Decision Making Practices on a conference call

Discussion of structure of the FHIR methodology

  • Abdul-Malik, Grahame, and Woody discussed how best to express the FHIR methodology
  • <link to Authoring FHIR Resources>
  • This devolved into a discussion about M&M's methodology as it concerns v3 artifacts.
  • ACTION: Schedule a topic at the next WGM about "who are we" to determine M&M's role in the organization

Discussion of FHIR issues

  • Grahame presented a list of issues as well as a proposed means of making decisions on these issues
    • a post is made on Grahame's blog describing the issue
    • a matching wiki page (on the HL7 wiki) for discussion is created with a link back to the blog post
    • we discuss the issue on this email list and move knowledge gained to the wiki
    • we close out the issue with a vote on
  • There was a discussion about where the issues would be circulated. The FHIR mailing list was discussed and agreed upon as the means for discussion.
  • MOTION: M&M endorses the minuted means of addressing FHIR issues with the addition of a scheduled conference call to allow for objections to be raised to allow for normal M&M DMP to be followed and a means to tag the topics to allow for discovery of topic threads. Woody/Grahame (11-0-0)