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MnM Minutes WGM 200805

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Sunday, May 4, Q3


  • Agenda Topics Review / Hot Topics Triage


  • The agenda for the week was refined and hot topics were triaged. The results are reflected in the new agenda document.
  • Motion: (Beeler/Parker) Accept the revised agenda. Motion passes 8:0:0

Sunday, May 4, Q4


  • Tooling discussion - V3 Publishing changes


  • TODO: get slides from Woody.
  • Woody gave an overview of the Ballot QA Review Tool
  • Lloyd gave a brief update on MIF2.

Monday, May 5, Q1


  • Hot topics - RIM Technical editing


  • Jay Lyle presented an update on the technical editing project.
  • We agreed on the following order for sections in the ballot:
  1. Deprecation
  2. Definition
  3. Examples
  4. Formal Constraints
  5. Usage Constraints
  6. Rationale
  7. Usage Notes
  8. Requirements
  9. Design Comments
  10. Open Issues

The changes that the technical editing project are bringing forward are intended to better support MIF-2 and to clean up inconsistencies and technical problems with the current specification. These changes will be complete for the backbone, both not for the entire RIM.

Motion: MnM (Woody) will create a publication file that allows comparison of the new content and the previous content. We plan to present this as a technical correction at the August 2008 harmonization meeting. In order to allow for appropriate scheduling, we will request that any concerns about this moving forward will be raised and distributed to MnM at least two weeks prior to the harmonization meeting.

Lloyd/AMS (7:0:0) Motion passes.

Tuesday May 6th Q1

HDF Ballot Reconciliation - no quorum

Tuesday May 6th Q2

HDF Ballot Reconciliation - no quorum

Tuesday May 6th Q4

Hot Topics - Importing MIF into UML


Bernard Jackson ( Rich Rogers ( Tim Ireland ( Dave Carlson ( Ciaran DellaFera ( Amnon Shabo ( Sunjn Ahn ( Ioana Singureanu ( - chair


Using the Clinical Genomics files checked into the SVN repository: UML-Tools

  • "Shadow" participation do not appear in the MIF files
  • * Tim Ireland to investigate this item