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MnM Minutes CC 20150302

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M&M FHIR Core Conference Call 2:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Approve Minutes Prior FHIR Core Meeting on 02/23
  • 5746: Need $everything on encounter too
  • 5143: Jan 2015 Ballot Comment #8 (mixed languages in resources, propose to mark as not persausive)
  • 5144: Jan 2015 Ballot Comment #9 (no context conduction across resource boundaries; propose to mark as not persausive)

Longer discussion:

  • 5622: OperationOutcome.type should be CodeableConcept rather than Coding
  • 4876: Resource needs fully qualified resource Id


Lloyd McKenzie (chair) David Hay Rob Hausam Joshua Mandel Viet Nguyen Yunwei Wang Grahame Grieve Mark Kramer Ewout Kramer

Minutes from 02/23

Motion to Approve Rob/Ewout 5-0-3

Tracker items


motion to define as requested. Note lack of clarity around what the encounter / resource link means in many cases. Add note about extensions to compartment
Grahame / Ewout 5 8-0-0


Not persuasive - multiple reasons for having mixed languages:
  • user uses alternative language while recording what patient actually said
  • source systems in a document cross languages
  • part of an order is for a colleague how speaks a different language
  • resource in non-english that quotes technical terms and/or display names from an english coding system

Grahame / Ewout 8-0-0


Not persuasive. Conduction and inheritance has proved to be a nightmare for v3. It also makes re-use of data in multiple contexts exceptionally difficult. Conduction and inheritance is nice for modelers but is generally not seen as adventageous by implementers
Grahame / Josh 8-0-0


change "type : Coding [0..1] IssueType" to "code [1..1] : CodeableConcept" with a fixed binding to IssueType, and add an explicit note about the use of additional codes.
change definition of details to "Additional diagnostis information about the issue"
Lloyd to propose changes to IssueType for use with warnings on FHIR list.
Motion Grahame/Ewout 8-0-0


Not persuasive - a large change, with no clear justification
Mark Karamer/ Grahame 8-0-0


3pm Eastern