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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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Austin Kreisler, Woody Beeler, Brian Pech, Lloyd McKenzie, Grahame Grieve

Approve Minutes and Agenda

Harmonization date resolution

Woody reported that the conflict with HIMSS coupled with the few number of proposals (10 as of this date) led to the conclusion that this can be accomplished in a single day, March 7, with overflow, if required on the eight. This is within the original scheduling boundaries planned for Harmonization and therefore does not need formal approval.

Request for waiver on Harmonization deadline from Kreisler on behalf of HQMF

Structured Documents, in reconciling HQMF (which is on a fast-track) have identified a number of possible harmonization changes and seeks a waiver on the original deadline. It was agreed that if complete proposals could be made available by February 10, they would be reviewed for inclusion in the package.

Endorse Technical Correction Harmonization Proposal

Woody presented a proposal for a technical correction for Harmonization based on issues in the URLScheme Value Set. Discussion endorsed submission. Motion to approve by LM was amended (by him) to include the removal of all ValueSets based on retired code systems. LM/BP unanimous

FHIR Reconciliation actions

Discussed and voted on a number of line items in FHIR reconciliation. The results were documented in the spreadsheet maintained by Grieve.

Adjourned at 4:04 PM CST