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MnM Minutes CC 20120530

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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Beeler, Kreisler, Connor, Pech, McKenzie


Agenda approval; moved/seconded by McKenzie/Kreisler, adopted 4-0-0

Approval of Minutes

Discussion led to amendment of WGM minutes for Wednesday Q1 and Friday Q1. Approval of conference call minute and amended WGM minutes; moved/seconded by Kreisler/McKenzie, passed 4-0-0

Review Project Proposals in re FHIR (McKenzie)

Project Scope Statement authored by FHIR Team and issued by the TSC (as the primary on behalf of the evolving FHIR structure is on Gforge.

McKenzie and others discussed the background and premise underlying the referenced Project Scope Statement. After the discussion, a motion was made that:

"MnM endorses this project proposal, accepts its role as a Co-sponsoring Work Group, and agrees to coordinate the ballot reconciliation of the DSTU(s) that will arise from this project."

Motion made/seconded by McKenzie/Kreisler and approved 4-0-0.

Reconciliation of Ballot Comments from RIM and Core Principles (Beeler)

There is one critical issue for both ballots - an appropriate definition for isDocumentCharacteristic in RIM. The remainder of reconciliation for the two ballots is straightforward. (Material to be distributed by e-mail.)

Beeler apologized that he had not yet drafted corrective language for the "isDocumentCharacteristic" section of Core Principles, and therefore MnM could not undertake this reconciliation. A spirited discussion of the relationship between the "isDocumentCharacteristic" property and the appropriate use of the "confidentialityCode" attribute in each of the Act and Role classes in the RIM ensued. This discussion will, in part, inform the subsequent drafting of proposed wording for Core Principles.


The meeting adjourned after 55 minutes.