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MnM Minutes CC 20120229

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on 02/16
  • Approve Harmonization Proposals - Duteau, James, others
  • Content deadline for Core Principles
  • Modeling Guidance Request - James
  • Vocabulary items for Discussion with MnM


Andy Stechishin, Austin Kreisler, Jean Duteau, Julie James, Woody Beeler, Lloyd McKenzie, Ted Klein

Minutes Approval

Minutes Prior Meeting on 02/16 were approved unanimously. Minutes of 2/22 were not yet available - defer to next week.

Approve Harmonization Proposals

Reviewed and approved for submission the following Harmonization Proposals submitted on behalf of MnM:

  • Proposal ID JD-001 submitted by Jean Duteau. Move/second/approve - Duteau/Stechishin/Unanimous
  • Proposal to correct RoleClass ontology by Julie James. Move/second/approve - James/Duteau/Unanimous
  • Proposal on ActRelationship.pauseQuantioty by Rik Smithies. Move/second/approve - Kreisler/Stechishin/Unanimous

Content Deadline for Core Principles

Final ballot content deadline for this "text only" document is March 19, 2012.

Modeling of "Simultaneous" Condition with ActRelationship

James asked how to model an Observation "condition" where the condition is that the Observation occurs during a particular storage event. The "pre-condition" ActRelationship type does not appear to be appropriate. Discussion by Lloyd pointed to the ActRelationship.checkPointCode attribute, which identifies

"The point in the course of an Act when a precondition for the Act is evaluated: e.g., before the Act starts for the first time, before every repetition, after each repetition but not before the first, or throughout the entire time of the Act."

All on the call thanked Lloyd for this mini-tutorial on the RIM, since most were unaware of the use of this attribute.

Vocabulary items for Discussion with MnM

Ted Klein joined to raise Harmonization-related questions that the Vocabulary Work Group seeks to discuss jointly with MnM. Specific questions are with regard to:

  • How to handle duplicate print names on concepts. There are 126 duplicate print names in the DB many in single code Systems. These are leading to confusion amongst those seeking to find a particular concept. Vocabulary believes these should be strongly discouraged when they are proposed and that we should review issues raised by some of the extant examples.
  • How Harmonization should handle the "deprecation" of a value set where the Value Set has a context binding (universal or representative). Suggest that the deprecation MUST consider and make recommendations on the binding as well.

After discussion, agreed to schedule a session during Thursday Q1 of March 2012 Harmonization to consider these.

Adjourned at 4:45 Eastern