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MnM Minutes CC 20120208

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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Adel Ghlamallah, Ravi Natarajan, Wendy Huang, Woody Beeler


  • Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on Feb 1
  • Ballot Reconciliation for Abstract Data Types Release 2, Normative Ballot 4 (2009Sep)
  • Endorse Harmonization Proposal from W. Huang
  • Defer Endorsement of Harmonization Proposal from A. Kreisler
  • Other Agenda Items

Motion to Approve the Agenda as amended, Natarajan/Huang - Unanimous 3-0-0

Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on Feb 1

Motion to Approve Minutes of 2/1/12, Natarajan/Huang - Unanimous 3-0-0

Ballot Reconciliation for Abstract Data Types Release 2, Normative Ballot 4 (2009Sep)

Items to be voted are the remaining Negatives in the posted Reconciliation Spread Sheet. See also notes following.


The fourth round ballot was conducted in Ballot2009Sep in order to remove a single component (property "isCompositional") from data type "CD". This action was taken to resolve a Negative in the third round of balloting from the simultaneous ballot of the data types in ISO.

The ballot announcement (see page 11) for the Fourth Normative ballot said:

"Since the 3rd Normative ballot in May 2009, there has been a single change: the removal of CD.isCompositional. The ballot is limited to comments on this particular subject, but open, since this property was added in an earlier ballot as a response to a ballot comment."

Also, the Preface, of the document, in Section i.a says:

"This is the fourth membership ballot for Release 2 of the Data Type - Abstract Specification."

"One substantiative [sic] change has been to this ballot, the removal of the CD.isCompositional property. This change is the only part of the document that is open for comment in this ballot. Other comments may be made, but will most likely be deferred to data types R3."

Actions (or lack thereof) by MnM

At the Atlanta Plenary & WGM immediately following the ballot close, the M&M Co-chairs discussed the ballot resutls and noted that all Negatives from that ballot were "Not Related" because they had been cast against elements that were not within the declared limited scope and agreed to use that as the primary reconciliation response.

Although the fact of the discussion was noted in MnM Minutes for the Opening Session Q3 on Sunday, it is now apparent that M&M failed to formalize that finding in a subsequent reconciliation meeting. We are attempting to correct that now.

Current Actions

During the recently completed San Antonio WGM, Grahane Grieve and I compared notes from our respective computers, and scanned the minutes of both MnM and InM to confirm what had happened. (Grahame found a note on his system confirming the determination made by the Co-chairs.) On Friday January 20, 2012, MnM determined the path it would follow forward. The minuted action says that we will document the circumstance and invite members to attend this Reconciliation Meeting.


During the conference call, Woody noted that communications were held with all of the negative voters and each indicated their intent to Withdraw their negatives. Nevertheless, a formal motion is desired in order to correctly close the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet.

Reconciliation Motion

Motion: Find the remaining five Negative-ballot line items from the September 2009 Ballot on Abstract Data Types R2 to be "Not related" owing to the fact that they did not speak to single item that was stated as "in scope" for this ballot in both the Ballot Announcement, and the Ballot preface; and agree to undertake technical corrections for any item where these voters identified an error in the content.

Moved/seconded: Ravi Natarajan/Wendy Huang - Unanimous 3-0-0

Endorse Harmonization Proposal from A. Kreisler

From e-mail of Austin Kreisler: "I need to seek MnM endorsement for the harmonization proposal below. This is the Role Class code technical correction discussed on the MnM call earlier this week. Unfortunately I will not be able to join the MnM call next week."

Proposal on Harmonization Page

Defer Discussion of items on RoleClass codes from A. Kreisler

Woody asked the group to defer discussion until next week in order to provide time to research the history. He noted that the fact that these codes were under the "root" for RoleClass suggests strongly that they had been targeted for retirement or deprecation, and that the processing removed them from the hierarchy but failed to change their status. Beeler will review prior Harmonization changes and propose specific actions for these codes that is commensurate.

Endorse Harmonization Proposal on Concept Domain ParticipationMode

Wendy Huang discussed a Harmonization Proposal to amend the definition of Concept Domain "ParticipationMode". Motion to Endorse: Huang/Natarajan, 3-0-0

Review Action Items For MnM

Note the following list, and amend the list to assign selected items:


4:40 PM