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MnM Minutes CC 20110420

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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Gerald Beuchelt, Rob Savage, Austin Kreisler, Andy Stechishin, Woody Beeler, Lloyd McKenzie, Brian Pech

Agenda and Minutes

Approved Kreisler/Stechishin unanimous

Approved Minutes Prior Meeting on 04/13 Kreisler/Savage Unanimous

Planning for Conference Calls leading up to Orlando

Came up with list of topics, and scheduled as indicated below. These are topics that need to be covered before the end of the Orlando WGM.

hData - and its Fit in HL7: May 4 Conference Call

G Beuchelt joined today's call and asked that we schedule a discussion prior to Orlando. We agreed and said we wished to include Co-chairs from ITS (Knapp) and SOA (Mulrooney or Rubin). Scheduled for May 4, and Andy will try to get representation from SOA and ITS.

Hot Topics review & Cleanup: April 27 Conference Call

UML and MIF alignment

Agreed on SAIF call last week to have Robert Lario (OMG) join us for a session in Orlando

SAIF Artifact - Definition

Need session to review draft material in Orlando

How to develop targeted training for SAIF Artifacts

Not scheduled

"Stale" Projects

Woody reviewed the initial TSC report on project "health" that had identified MnM projects that had some missed milestones, stalled ballots, or related issues. Of these:

  • MIF and Core principles are "fine and progressing as desired.
    DT R2 and CMETs are not fine, but a co-chair (Grahame for the first, Woody with help from Andy on second) are trying to correct these.
  • Templates and HDF are NOT OK - suggested the following

DSTU just expired. Agreed that we would send a note to Templates (including Grahame who is Co-chair of both) suggesting that:

  • We should drop the DSTU formally
  • Retain the document for the benefit of the SAIF Implementation effort
  • Ask Templates whether they wan to take over the project
    • If not, either Cancel the Project or move it to the SAIF Project at the discretion of the latter
HL7 Development Framework

This project is no longer "active" and the document will be entirely superseded by the HL7 SAIF Implementation Guide, once that is finished. Agreed action: 1) M&M will seek to terminate this project 2) MnM will undertake to retain the HDF document as a "reference" document in Ballot and Editions until it the SAIF IG is complete is complete.

Co-chair Status - what's true

Who is, who isn't? Web site list seems wrong. Does not list Ravi.

Discussions of CMET Management

Andy and Austin summarized what has happened in transitioning some of the tasks to Dave Hamill. This is being init1ated through TSC, with MnM overview.

Review Action Items For MnM

Note the following list, and amend the list to assign selected items: