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MnM Minutes CC 20101020

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Roll Call

PRESENT: Woody Beeler, Lloyd McKenzie, Andy Stechishin, Brian Pech, Gunther Schadow, Jean Duteau, Keith Thomas, Grahame Grieve

Approve Agenda and Minutes

Affirm Data Types R2 Implementation Plan

Background - original plan from mid-year 2009

In January 2009, several HL7 Work Groups met with Modeling and Methodology to plan the migration of HL7 Version 3 specifications from Data Types Release 1 (R1) and Data Types Release 2 (R2). At that time, it was agreed that:

  1. The RIM (being balloted as its own Release 2) would be converted to Data Types R2 as part of the ballot process.
  2. Normative Edition 2009 would be published using solely data types R1
  3. All RMIM designs (static models) would be "automatically" converted to data types R2 after the September 2009 Ballot Cycle, and that the January 2009 ballot would be an R2 ballot.
  4. Normative Edition 2010 would be published entirely with data types R2.

Amended Plan Forwarded to (and Accepted by) TSC in October 2009

  1. Delay the formal migration to Data Types R2, for one (or 2) ballot cycles, in order to allow for a Structures ITS R2 whose only changes are to incorporate the full scope of Data Types R2 into ITS Structures. (Beeler)
  2. Start an immediate ballot on a Normative ITS Structures R2 to start Balloting in the January 2010 Cycle (McKenzie, Grieve)
  3. Start an Informative ballot for Data Types ITS Release 1.1 in January 2010 Cycle [to allow incorporation of certain features of data types R2 in the already implemented data types]. (Grieve, Schadow)

Implications of above October 2009 Amended Plan

  • The January 2010 ballot will be based on data types R1
  • Projects that were planning to incorporate data types R2 immediately in their DSTUs must delay for one or two cycles.
  • M&M must adopt a strategy to include recent RIM updates in a version bound to data types R1
  • M&M and Publishing will need to make recommendations on how to express content for Normative Edition 2010, and RIM 2.28 which is bound to data types R2.

Current Status

  • Each of the steps documented in the Amended plan was undertaken
  • As of the September 2009 Ballot Cycle, the Normative ITS Structures R2 specification (needed to proceed with conversion) passed ballot.
  • Dual RIM balloting was put in place for 2010, and Normative Edition 2011 was published as based on Data Types R1
  • RIM Release 3, also based on data types R2 has completed normative balloting.
  • Tooling to support migration and to support publication in either Data types R1 or Data Types R2 is in place.
  • Publication tooling to support publishing a domain or topic using a "previous" infrastructure, such as Normative Edition 2010 has been planned and is in development.

Recommended Strategy for Ballot2011Jan

Remember that the current cycle is extremely short thus limiting the changes that can occur.

  1. As noted, RIM Release 3 is bound to Data Types R2.
  2. Normative Edition 2010 has been published using solely data types R1
  3. Existing DSTU material that needs to be published in January can be published using Datatypes R1 if the workgroup makes the request of Publishing.
  4. Committees submitting material for Ballot2011Jan should submit their material pre-converted to Datatypes R2.
  5. All RMIM designs (static models) that have not been pre-converted will be "automatically" converted to data types R2, and that the January 2011 ballot will be an R2 ballot. (NOTE: Auto-converted content may cause changes that a committee is not aware of, eg. BAG is converted to COLL)
  6. Defer consideration of how to publish Normative Edition 2011 until a joint discussion with V3 Publishing can be held.

MOTION: Accept the above recommended strategy. Woody/Jean 7-0-0 ACTION: Gunther will work on a process that takes models expressed in Datatypes R2 and produces "R1-like" wire format schemas.

Accept Versioning Plan from Cambridge

Given the small quorum present for this topic in Cambridge, Affirm the minuted item from ThuQ1 in Cambridge and initiate a project scope statement and proposal to complete the action steps

MOTION: Produce a project scope statement to complete the action steps noted above, except for Step 5 which is not required. Jean/Andy 6-0-0 ACTION: Jean will create the project scope statement.

Set future Conference Call Topics and Dates

  • RIM and Core Principles Reconciliation - October 27th
  • MIF Reconciliation - November 3rd
  • Final Harmonization Prep - November 10th
  • Admin call to determine future call topics - November 17th

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