MnM Minutes CC 20100326

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


Kreisler, Seppala, Peck, Beeler


  • Authorize Ballot for RIM, MIF and Core Principles

Authorize Ballot for RIM, MIF and Core Principles

Woody Beeler summarized the status of the documents that M&M intends to ballot this cycle:

  • Reference Information Model (RIM) Release 3, Membership Normative ballot
  • Model Interchange Ballot (MIF) Version 2.1.6, Informative Ballot
  • Core Principles of V3 Models, 3rd Normative Ballot

The first two documents have been prepared and previewed. The Core Principles is undergoing final edit at the moment and the reconciliation spreadsheet for Core Principles will be posted this week.

Motion to authorize these three ballots. Seppala/Peck - Approved 3-0-0

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