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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


Pech, Kreisler, Stechishin, McKenzie, Beeler, Seppala


  • Discussion of Core Principles "progress"
  • Discussion of criteria for placing proposals on the Harmonization Conference Call Agendas
  • "Depth" of Modeling in the HL7 RIM

Core Principles Progress

Beeler reported on the status of updating Core Principles for the next round of balloting. He stated that Ted Klein, with assistance from McKenzie, had submitted a major re-write of the Vocabulary content of core principles. Beeler further acknowledged that because of unforeseen burdens on his schedule in the last three weeks, he had not made the progress he wished on the rest of the document. He intends to complete the effort, nonetheless, and accepted McKenzie's offer to act as a consultant and reviewer on this process.

Criteria for Accepting Harmonization Proposals for Review

The group discussed the criteria for placing proposals on the Harmonization Agenda in circumstances where the either the review by the sponsoring work group is pending or where the content of the initial coverpage is so incomplete that a reasonable reviewer cannot assess the intent of the proposal.

It was noted that we had set the "final proposal" deadline one week later (closer to the meeting) than had previously been true, because there is no longer a need to plan for travel to the meetings.

M&M passed the following motion (made by Kreisler, seconded by McKenzie) by a vote of 5-0-0:

M&M adopts the following criteria for adding items to Harmonization Conference Call Agendas:
  1. Only those proposals that have formally been approved by the Sponsoring WG as of the deadline for final proposal submission will be accepted.
  2. Coverpage submissions must have been complete enough to permit understanding and quiality assurance review of the proposal.

This action will cause M&M to drop consideration of a proposal for modeling chemical substances in the RIM from the March 2010 harmonization agenda, as it has not been endorsed by OO, and one could not infer the intention of the final proposal from the cover page that was submitted.

"Depth" of Modeling in the HL7 RIM

Discussion of a proposal relative to modeling chemical substances in the RIM using chemistry-specific participation, role and entity attributes and class codes opens a discussion that should be considered carefully in an open forum in the context of RIM Harmonization. It was noted that the Clinical Genomics work group encapsulates a genome expression language (also xml-based) for gene expressions, and that biochemistry substance exist that might be used for the specifics of the substance model.

To that end, M&M adopted the following motion (proposed by Kreisler, seconded by Stechishin) by a vote of 5-0-0:

M&M requests that the "substance modeling proposal" be documented as an M&M Hot Topic and undertaken as a harmonization discussion item to be scheduled as an adjunct session during the March 2010 Harmonization Conference Calls. The questions to be considered relate to the intended scope of the RIM, and whether it is appropriate to use RIM attributes and class codes to drill down into the details of specific sciences (biochemistry, gene expression, micro-anatomy, etc.).

Adjournment at 12:50PM EST

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