MnM Minutes CC 20090220

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


  • Approve Minutes February 13
  • April Harmonization Schedule
  • NIB OK for
    • Datatypes R2
    • Core Principles
    • RIM
  • Plan for Dealing with ContextConduction issues


Beeler, Kreisler, Jackson, Parker, Loyd, Singureanu, Walker, Nelson, Stechishin


  • Motion to approve the agenda (Loyd/Stechishin) Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion to approve minutes from February 13. (Stechishin/Deteau) Motion passed unanimously.
  • April Harmonization Schedule
    • Harmonization on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    • Other topics on Thursday and Friday.
    • ARB will be meeting the same days, but their agenda is not yet set.
    • We may want to swap agendas on Wednesday and Thursday if that works better for coordinating with ARB.
    • We will tentatively schedule Context Conduction for Thursday afternoon. It is important to try to get Grahame's involvement in this discussion. We need to identify someone to lead the Context Conduction effort (maybe Gregg or Austin or Lloyd?).
  • Motion to OK the NIBs for Datatypes R2, Core Principles, and RIM. (Stechishin/Loyd) Motion passes unanimously.

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