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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


Andy, Austin, Craig, Ioana, Woody



  • Motion: to accept minutes from October 17 (Austin/Andy) Motion passed (5:0:0).
  • We will plan to talk about Datatypes R2, Datatypes R1.1, and Wrappers R2 next week and at the harmonization meeting.
  • Woody will file the forms for RIM, and, if Grahame agrees that the document will be ready in time, for Core Principles.
  • Although MnM will maintain the official list of CMET status, we need to get the status from those WG's doing the ballot reconciliation.
  • For CMET ballot reconciliations for ballots through September 2008, MnM will be responsible for closing out the reconciliations.
  • Austin will object to balloting the RIM if there are still outstanding harmonization proposals that have not be processed.
  • Woody brought up the issue that some people (e.g. Tom de Jong) were expecting to discuss Datatypes R2 as a harmonization item. He pointed out that since R2 will be going forward as a ballot, splitting the discussion between the balloting process and the harmonization process could be problematic. We agreed that a focused meeting on Datatypes R2 at the harmonization meeting will be appropriate and we will seek to arrange this.

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