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MnM Minutes CC 20070601

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June 1, 2007


  • Dale Nelson
  • Craig Parker
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Lee Coller
  • Ioana Singureanu
  • Patrick Loyd


HDF (Ioana)

  • Mapped the product lifecycle process to the HDF.
  • Working on the readability of the HDF, publishing it in HTML and DOC formats.
  • Not planning on changes to the HDF in the very short term.
  • Ken McCaslin is looking to see if the Publication TC can contribute.
  • Some TC's are interested in doing deeper work on requirements analysis.
  • Considering a tutorial at the WGM on using GForge to assist in V3 change requests, etc. Lloyd suggested the possibility doing a web-based tutorial in advance of the WGM. Ioana will work on arranging a web-based tutorial. She will work with Wilfred and the Tooling TC on this.

Hot Topics (Lloyd)

  • Observation grab bags
    • We looked at examples of grab bags that Lee found in CMETs.
      • We passed on COCT_RM930000UV (A_GeneticLocus) due to lack of domain expertise on the call.
      • The BillableModifier Act in COCT_RM290004UV (A_BillableClinicalService encounter). Based on the proposed criteria in the Hot Topic, it was felt that thic could better be represented as a qualifier to "code" in BillableClinicalService, but otherwise it is probably an appropriate use of a grab bag.
      • COCT_RM610000UV (A_BillableSocialService universal) looked ok.
      • COCT_RM510000UV (A_Coverage universal) -- not a grab bag.
      • COCT_RM120000UV (A_Observation) -- not a grab bag.
      • COCT_RM830120UV (A_ReferencedDicomCompositeObject) -- Strictly speaking this is not a grab bag, because it doesn't have a value. It was felt that they should be using reasonCode and that the domain is proabably poorly defined.
      • COCT_RM220200UV (R_AdministerableMedication) -- The "code" attributes in this model are not properly constrained. There was a question about the appropriateness of using OBS for Policy.
      • COCT_RM010000UV (A_Encounter) -- Needs a "code". Lacking a "code" makes it technically not a grab bag.
      • COCT_RM970000UV (A_ResearchSubjectEnrollment) -- Not a grab bag due to inclusion of effectiveTime.
      • COCT_RM080200UV (R_Specimen lite) -- SpecimenObservationEvent and AutomationSpecimenObservationEvent are probably appropriate grab bags. There was concern about the appropriateness of SPCOBS classCode in AutomationSpecimenObservationEvent.
    • Updates to the characterization and use of grab bags were made directly in the Hot Topic.
    • Lloyd will solict examples of where people think observation grab bags are being used inappropriately.