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MnM Minutes CC 20070119

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  • Mead Walker
  • Lee Coller
  • Gregg Seppala
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Austin Kriesler
  • Woody Beeler
  • Jingdong Li
  • Rick Chesnik
  • Mary Ann Jurlink
  • Craig Parker
  • Dale Nelson
  • Ioana Singureanu


  • (Gregg/Helen/Craig): Hot Topic: DMIM - continued disucussion with input from Publishing.
  • (Austin): Hot Topic: Use_of_IDENT_Role_Class
  • (Craig): Schedule for RIM Harmonization & Interim Meeting in March - We need to finalize this so HQ can send out a meeting announcement.
  • (Dale): Complete "Common Ballot Cycle Information" forms for MnM ballot documents (we have 9: CMETs, Constraints, Data Type Specializations, HDF, Template Architecture, Refinement Constraint & Localization chapter, etc etc)
  • (Craig): Meeting Schedule for Köln WGM - Do we want to plan on meeting Sunday Q3 through Friday Q2 as usual? What joint sessions are we planning on? We need to submit our online request for meeting rooms this weekend.

Mottion to accept agenda: (Dale/Mead - No objections)

Hot Topic: DMIM

This is a revisit of a discussion held at the last WGM. There is some disagreement between MnM and Publishing about the need for a DMIM for every domain. Several committees have subject areas with contents that do not all fit well in a single DMIM. Examples include "shared messages", "public health", "clinical decision support", and "patient administration". We don't want the RIM to be a DMIM for these committees. Domains are currently both "semantic things" and "publishing things". We currently have some limitations due to publishing infrastructure/tooling. There was a common desire to have the semantic and publishing aspects of this problem disentangled. We want the notion of a "body of content" in an HL7 standard to be coherent and derived from common models.

There was a general consensus that changing the identifier of an artifact should not be regarded as substantive. Some felt that a move to non-meaningful identifiers would be useful.

We need to separate the maintenance of semantic domains from the maintenance of publishing topics.

Gregg asked when the tooling for publishing could support levels of models as the MIF does? Woody suggested that this would probably be about 18 months out.

For now, Clinical Decision Support will publish as one domain with two topics.

Agreed to publish an item on the Wiki relative to "What is a Domain". Among the points of agreement were:

  • All artifacts should derive from some coherent set of knowledge as represented in a single model. This is a "semantic domain" and is the focus of an HDF DIM.
  • Publishing should be able to aggregate content from semantic domains into collections that are useful for committees that address multiple semantic domains
  • Future (18 moths or more out) tooling will allow such publishing, as the MIF allows for such distinctions
  • Today, several committees are using a single "publishing domain" (really just a package) to publish multiple "semantic domains" each as a topic, including Decision Support, Patient Administration, Common Messages, and Patient Care.
  • Other committees are maintaining correct semantic domains, such as Pharmacy with Medication and RX. and Lab with OO, LB, SP.
  • Publishing should determine which pattern is being followed in each of today's "Domains" and should require:
    • That the style be declared at the front of the domain introduction
    • That a committee not do both. That is, in each publishing domain either every topic is a semantic domain or all of the topics are in a single semantic domain. Note: This may represent an issue for Patient Care.

From the Secretary If you take issue with this list, please use the new Wiki entry - Domain_Message_Information_Model#What is a domain to comment.

Complete "Current Ballot Cycle Information" forms

Edited the form on-screen. Agreed to submit as marked. Beeler will finish and submit the form. Nelson will submit new Project Scope Statement for CMETs Release 6 (those that were in Committee) - The new Project was moved by Nelson, seconded by Beeler and Approved unanimously.

The CBC form, as submitted is available on this Wiki and also at 20070119.pdf.

May WGM Scheduling

Craig Parker will submit a schedule that mirrors the one used in San Diego. M&M can refine this at later meetings.

Interim Meeting Schedule

Tuesday & Wednesday - March 13 & 14
devoted to RIM and Vocabulary Harmonization in the Universal, Representative and Example realms
Thursday AM March 15
Vocabulary Harmonization for US Realm
Thursday PM March 15
Tooling Committee - MIF review
Friday March 16

Use of IDENT Role Class

Statement of problem and proposed solution are on the Wiki. People who have in interest in this issue are strongly encouraged to review the Wiki content and add their thoughts to the Discussion section there.

Minutes by C. Parker and GWBeeler